I Just need somebody to love ♥ [ a Justin Bieber Love story ] Chapter 1 .

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Samantha Aimee Cruise POV :

School was finally over and summer was starting but everything was changing and it was changing quickly. Just last month, it was my birthday and I turned sixteen. Now, summer's here. Summer was going to be amazing, I had it all planed out already but then my parents ruin it by telling me the worse news ever.

FlashBack :

"Bye Angie , Ill see you later"I said before I started to walk up the stairs and into my house .

"Mom I'm home!" I yelled and threw my bookbag on the couch .

" We're in the kitche sweetheart!"she said , Wait ! What ? Who's 'were' ? Daddy ?

What does she mean by 'We're. It's only mom,Ethan and I. My dad lives with us as well but he is always busy working. Maybe, it was my dad. 

I walked into the kitchen and it was him! It was my father! There he was, sitting at the kitchen table with a teary face and my mother was sitting on the opposite of the table with a sad expression on her face.

"Who died?"I asked.

"Did Ethan die, oh my God. He didn't right? Please tell me!"I kept on rambling.

"No. No one died sweetie. Come on, take a seat."Mother said.

I took a seat just like they told me to do.

"Samantha. You know how your fatther has been traveling the last few years and he hasn't spent alot of times with us?"Mom asked. 

I looked towards dad and he looked like he regretted all those times he hadn't spent with us.

"What I'm about to say, it's horrible and you won't really understand but you'll understand in the future."Mom said, grabbing my hand.

"What are you talking about mom?"I asked, confused.

"We're getting divorced." My mother said. 

Instead of going crazy, throwing a tantrum or crying, it was just complete silence. I didn't make a sound or say anything for a while

I looked at my dad and saw tears glistering down his face. 

"Why?"I asked quietly.

"This is all to hard. It's hard to raise two teenagers without your father around. Also your father is never round and I hate it. I really do love your father but this is what is best for us all."Mom said.

My mother had deffinately has gone crazy. I was mad but I was also sad. How can she do this to me, to us, to this family? I know my dad wasn't always their for us but he always cared about us and called everyday.

This day went from good to worse.

It was the first day of summer and this is how it ended up. 

I didn't wan't to see my parent's faces or here their apologies so just left the kitchen, went up to my room and cried.

End of flashback

Here I am, standing infront of MCO, Orlando International Airport. I was waiting for my next flight to LAX. I was leaving beautiful Florida and ending up in California. 

Sure California is better but Florida is my home. 

My summer wasn't exactly ruined. It did change my life though. I did get the chance to do everything I wanted to do this summer. I spent time with my wonderful friends and family. Now, it was time to go. 

I'm kind of ready to leave. I just know that I'm going to miss my friends, family and home. 

My mom has already left to California. She left a month ago to search for a home and a job.She had bought a house about three weeks ao.

Now was the time, I had to say goodbye to the greatest guys in my life; my father and my brother, Ethan. 

"Flight 3392 to LAX, Los Angeles, California is now boarding."A voice boamed from the intercom again.

I looked at my dad and brother. I know they were upset, I was upset as well. 

I walked up to Ethan and gave him a hug. We hugged until he spoke,"I'm going to miss you Sammi, even if you're so annyoing. I know things are tough right now but hold on, life is going to get better even without me and dad. We'll always be their for you. I love you sis. And I promise to call/text you everyday, okay."

I nodded my head,"I'll miss you too, and I love you too."And gave him one last hug.

The next and last person to say goodbye to was my father. I never expected to say goodbye to him this early. I thought this was happen one day when I would be going to college. 

I gave my dad a hug and he began to speak,"Angel I'm sorry. You should be mad at me right now. I now I messed up you life. This is going to be tought honey but don't worry your m-mom would find somebody better th-than me, hopefully he'll take good care of you unlike I did. I was never their for you guys but promise me, please stay out of trouble and you can always come to me. I love you darling."

I looked up at my father, and he had tearings streaming down his face. 

My cheeks were moist from the tears that were rolling down my cheeks. 

"Dad, it's okay. I'll miss you and I love you too."I said. 

He nodded and I gave dad and Ethan one last hug.

I then walked up to the lady who was collecting the flight tickets and checking the passports. I gave her my ticket and the passport to check. After checking them, I entered the door that lead to the airplane and to my new beginning. 

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