I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ♥ ] Chapter 9

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Recap :

I had my head on his shoulder and i was crying ......

Daniel's POV :

Dam I find the girl that i always loved and made her cry , fuck this shit im going to go find her .


Justin Bieber POV :

I feel bad for sami ive been such an ass to her ...

Why am i feeling like this , i dont like her ....

Yes you do !

Who are you ?

your conscience

Yea right but i dont like her , i like ashliee

you dont like ashlee you like Samantha Aimee Cruise


Who would make such a pretty girl cry ? I know ive been an ass to her , in the begining i thought she was easy and shes not ; shes unique ... dam i think falling for her .

I have to find whos the ass that made sami cry !

" Samantha Aimee Cruise i know your here "

and i think i know who it is .........


Unknown POV :

Justin had finally fell in love with Sami but would Sami fall in love with Justin Bieber ... He found who had made Sami cried but he doesnt know what he had done to her ... They were arguing and they were about to start fighting but ...........


Samanthas Aimee Cruise POV :

" Stopp You Guys " i said getting in the way of justin and daniel

I looked at them , " Can You Guys stop fighting ? if you guys dont i wont ever talk to either of yous "

They nodded . I went up to Daniel

" Daniel I'll talk to you later okay ? "

" Okay " he said and left . And i went up to justin .

" Justin , Im sorry " I put him threw so much , i listened to peoples lies that he was a 'player ' but i learned you should never believe rumors and i know he was an ass to me that friday night but things happen for a reason ...

" Why are you saying sorry Sami , I shud be saying sorry ? "

Aww He does have a heart .

" Sami I forgive your apology even though u did nothing to me but im sorry for being such an ass to you , let me make it up to you later .... "

Aww hes so sweet but " Noo justin you shouldnt , i forgive you , you dont have to do anything nice for me or make it up to me "

" Pleassee " hee asked with his cute puppy eyes

" Nooo "

" fine if you dont go then i wont forgive your apology " he said ...

" Ugh Finee just because i want you and me to be friends again "

He smiled his beautiful smile

" I'll pick you up at 8 "

" Okay ... Talk to you later justin "

" Bye Sami " and he turned to walk away ...

" Justin Wait " and he turned towards me ...

" Thanks for being their for me "

" Anytime sami " and i walked to the bathroom to see if my makeup was undone and the only person that was on my mind was Justin <3

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