I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ♥] Chapter 44

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Justin Bieber POV :

I really don't understand how can she do this to me ! After what I saw I went home and cried . I cried and wondered , How long has she been doing that ? Who is that guy ? Does Sami really love me or is this just a game to her ? and Is she just using me for fame and money ? 

I really loved her ... I still do . My feelings will never change for her but I actually think its time ... 

Karma's a Bitch .

------------------------- Samantha Aimme Cruise POV ---------

I pulled away from the kiss and looked him straight in the eyes .

" What was that for ? " 

What is his problem ? Is he drunk or something ? I have a boyfriend and I'm completely in love with Justin and nothing can tear us apart .

" S-Sorry  , I didn't mean to " he stuttered .

" Just tell me why did you do that ? "

" I don't know , I'm really sorry , I don't know what came over me Samantha Please forgive me , I promise that will never happen again " he said to quickly .

" Just give me some time " I told him and I walked all the way home . 

I got home , ate dinner , took a shower , texted , watch t.v  and sleep . 

--------------------- Next Day - Friday ------------

I got up and changed into some black shorts , a red t-shirt from hollister and some all black converse . I left my hair loose and I had my two favorite necklace's on from the 2 most important guys in my life Daddy and Justin <3 I should say I looked cute today :)

I really wish Justin will go to school today , I NEED him . 

So after getting dress I did the whole ' morning ' routine  , eat and go walk to school with mellz . 

-------------- At School --------

We got to school at the time we normally started getting to school at . I saw a familar car in the schools lot , So I rushed mellz so we can go to our Normal meeting area to meet our friends . 

When we got their I saw Kaylee , Ryan , Chaz and JUSTIN !

I ran up to him and gave him a big hug and he hugged me back but not the same way he use to .

" I missed you Justi " I said using his nickname .

" I missed you too " he said .

I was going to kiss him but he turned his face so I kissed his cheek , UGH what's his problem ?!

I looked him straight in his eyes " Why don't you kiss me ? " 

He FAKED cough " Oh , Sorry I'm sick " 

" Whats your problem Justin ? " 

" Nothing I'm sick "

I rolled my eyes ' Oh wow Justin I'm not stupid but whatever " I told him and I walked away leaving Kaylee,Mellz,Ryan,Chaz and Justin behind. 

I really want to know what's Justin's problem I did nothing to him ! He cant have his period or anything cause hes a boy and I am positive that he isn't sick . He sooo stupid he thinks I can fall for his stupid little fake bullshit ! Ugh I'm beyond mad .

" Hey Sami " somebody shouted and I turned around to see Daniel trying to catch up to me .

" I forgive you " I said while hugging him . I know shouldn't have had said I forgive him but hes like a brother to me , hes somebody I trust and I need him right now cause I really feel like I have no friends to talk too . 

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