I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love story ♥ ] Chapter 45

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Samantha Aimme Cruise POV -

Knock Knock Knock *

" Justin I need you " I kept whispering while I was sobbing .

" Sami " I herd a familiar voice and I looked up to see Ethan . 

" Ethan " I cried into his shoulder . 

" Shhhh " he said holding my hands . 

After a couple of minutes he spoke ; 

" Sami , what happened ? " he questioned 

" J-Justin dumped me " I stuttered and I started crying even more .

" What , why ? "

I tried to calm my crying a bit so I can talk " Y-yesterday I was at the park with D-Daniel and he ended up kissing me , I don't know how Justin found out but today he confronted me after I caught him kissing his ex - Caitlin and he dumped me in front of almost the whole school " 

Ethan hugged me " Do you want me to beat him up ? " 

I smiled a soft smile " I don't know , Wait what are you doing here ? " 

" Uh , I'll tell you later " he said and left the room .

I looked at my phone and It was 3 , wow I cried for like 2 hours . That's when I realized the wallpaper of my phone , It was a picture of Justin giving me a piggyback ride at the park and we were laughing . It was cute but I don't have him anymore </3  Here comes the water works again .

* Knock Knock Knock *

I didn't bother looking up this time . 

" Sami " I herd Mellz say  my name . 

" I guess your not going to talk " she sighed .

" I'm sorry that Justin broke up with you and people are saying you cheated on him but nobodies going to know the truth until you speak so please Sami get over him .... Please for your family and friends , we really care about you " 

So people are saying that I cheated on him and Mellz believes it ? If she was a true friend she would know right away that Its not true but whatever so I just ignored her . 

" Well I guess that didn't help but If you need me call me or text , Im 1 minute away " she said before she left . 

I really really really want Justin . I wish that he was just confused and that he didn't mean to break up with me . I wish it was a dream ... I need him , I feel like I'm half dead . I need Justin . My heart ached . I felt like I was being stabbed in the heart with a blade .

" Justin please come back " I whispered .

" Sami " I herd Kaylee say suspiciously .

" What ? " I whispered . 

She sat down next to me 

" Sami , everythings going to be alright Trust me . By now I'm sure everybody herd about your breakup and they think your cheater but I'm sure not everybody believes that . I don't believe that your a cheater or a whore . Your a nice girl , your my bestest friend and I Know your not a whore . I know you completely love Justin . When Justin came back today I knew something was wrong right away and I was worried for you guys because your like a best friend I always wanted and Ethan told me about your past . I really don't want to lose my best friend ... " she said crying .

Wow Just wow , Kaylee actually cares .

I started crying " K-Kayle , your my bestest friend and always will be so dont w-worry . "

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