I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ♥ ] Chapter 2

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Samantha Aimme Cruise POV :

The plane had finally landed in LAX about 15 minutes ago and now they had allowed us all to get off the airplane and get our luggage.

I grabbed my book-bag and left the plane like everyone else.

----------------- 5 minutes later -------------

I spotted my mom right away. She was standing close by, looking for me. Her straight black hair was in a high pony tail. She wore a beautiful sun dress, sun glasses and some heels. She finally noticed me walking towards her and she smiled happily at me.

"Hello sweetie."Mom greeted me, giving me a big hug.

"Hi mom."I said, hugging her back.

"I missed you so much."She admitted. 

"Me too mom."I smiled. 

"Are you hungry? Let's go get something sweet."She suggested. 

"Okay."I nodded.

After leaving the airport, mom drove to a Starbucks where she bought a coffee and a cookie for herself, and a fudge brownie and smoothie for me. 

"So how was the flight?"Mom asked, after taking a sip of her hot coffee. 

"It was okay."I answered.

"Oh that's great. Sammi, you really are going to love the house I bought. It's just like our old home."Mom said cheerfully.

"Really?"I asked, trying to be excited but completely failed at it.

"Samantha please don't act like that. I know things are changing but it's going to get better."She said, assuring me.

"Oh and the neighbors have a daughter your age so I invited them to dinner. They are really nice people."She added. 

---------------------------- At the NEW house ------------------

The home was really pretty just like our old house. It didn't look the same but it had the same vibe. The homes in Florida and California are really alike. Homes from Florida and California look tropical, well that's what I believe. 

The home looked huge. It was too big just for two people. 

Mom showed me all around the home. The last three weeks, mom had been decorating the house. The only room left that she hadn't shown me, was my bedroom. 

"I saved the best for last Sammi. This is your room."She stated, standing in front of the white door that lead to my bedroom.

The room was big. The walls were painted a beautiful Tiffany blue color.My bed was queen sized, and had white lace covers on it with lots of pillows. 

My room also had a door that lead to the balcony with a beautiful view of the glistering blue pool, the other door lead to my huge bathroom and the last door left to my walk in closet. 

The room was perfect.

"I love it mom. Thank you!"I said while hugging her.

"Anything for you darling."She smiled. 

Mom was about to leave them room but then reminded me,"The neighbors are coming over six, so you must be ready by six."

"Okay."I nodded.

As she left the room, it was only 4:30pm. I guess I should start unpacking...

****** 30 minutes later ***

Knocking came from my door. I turned off the music and opened the door,"What?"

"It's five. Go get ready now."Mom ordered. 

"Fine."And I shut the door.

I grabbed an outfit from the closet, went and took a shower. I washed my hair and straightened it. I then changed into a white lace top, some short shorts and black flip flops.

By the time I was finished, it was 5:55. Perfect timing. 

I guess I should go help my mother.

I walked down the stairs and asked my mother,"Do you need any help?"

"N-"She was about to say something but the doorbell rang.

Mom placed the mitten down on the counter and left to open the door to the neighbors. As she walked away, I followed her. 

As she opened the door, I instantly saw a tall lady who was probably in her mid fourty's with brown hair and brown eyes. Standing beside her was a man that looked like her was in his mid fourty's with brown hair and hazel eyes. He was definitely her husband. 

The last person standing there was a girl who was my age. She wasn't that tall but she wasn't that short. She had beautiful long brown hair and brown eyes.

"Welcome Melissa, Marco, and Melanie."Mom greeted them with a huge smile on her face.

"This is my daughter,Samantha."She introduced us.

"Wow! You're so beautiful!"The older lady said. 

"Thank you."I said.

"I'm Mrs.Garcia. Well, you can me Melissa. Oh and this is my husband Marco."She said. 

"Hello."He greeted me.

"And this is my daughter Melanie."Mrs Garcia or um Mellisa said.

"It's nice to meet you all."I said. 

"Let's go. Dinner is all ready and it's outside."Mom informed us.

Mom showed us the way outside. We were eating outside in the patio.

We all took our seats and a few minutes later, everyone was talking.

"So Samantha.."Melanie started.

"You can me Sammi if you want."I said.

"Okay and you can call me Mel."She said

"Okay."I nodded.

"What school are you going to?"She asked, trying to start a conversation.

"I don't know."I said, shrugging my shoulders.

"This is really awkward."She laughed.

"I know."I laughed along.

"I guess we should hang out tomorrow if you want."She said.

"Yeah we should."I nodded eagerly.

And like that, we continued talking into it got really late out and they had to get home. 

It turns out I made a new friend today and she was really cool. I also found out that we will be going to school together.

"Please help me clean up."Mom said."



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Sorry this chapter was boring but next chapter is going to be better , i promise <3

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