I Just Need Somebody To love [ a Justin Bieber Love story ♥ ] Chapter 20 .

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Samantha Aimee Cruise POV :

So I found out that my brother Ethan had broke up with his girlfriend Angie , I was mad at him cause he promised they would last but he broke his promise .

So I was getting Ready to go Out with my brother and my friends . I Showered , Blowdried my hair , Changed into a Light Pink V-neck It showed my boobs a little bit but im too lazy to take it off , i was wearing dark navy blue skinny jeans and some black UGGS .

I saw my brother walk into my room wearing a red shirt , some black skinny jeans and some black jordans .

" You should change your shirt Sami " Ethan told me

" But Im lazy " i told him .

" U sure are , but lets go " he rushed me .

We Were going to this place called Game Studio , It has games / a bar / a club and a restaurant .

------------ At Game Studio -----------

We were finally here , I saw my friends waiting for us outside . Ethan was walking behind me . People probably tought he was my boyfriend .

[ Let me tell you who was were it Was Mellz , Kaylee , Chaz , Ryan , Justin , Daniel , And Daniels Cousin Cindy and Cindys Friend Marissa . ]

" Hey Melliee " I said hugging her and she greeted back .

" Hey Kaylerz " I said hugging her and she greeted me back .

" Hey Chaz " I said hugging him and he greeted me back .

" Hey Daniel " i said hugging him and he greeted me back .

" Hey Justin " I said hugging him and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek . <3

" You guys this is my brother Ethan " I said smiling and they all greeted him . Then , Daniel introduced us to His cousin Cindy and Her friend Marissa .

We walked inside gamestudio , We had gotten a table of 10 . Justin was sitting next to me , I was sitting next to Ethan , Ethan was sitting next To Kaylee And On the other side It was Ryan sitting next To Cindy , Cindy sitting next to Daniel , Daniel sitting next to Marissa . The Waiter brang two chairs , and placed them infront of the table for Mells and Chaz to sit .

We all laughed and talked , It was a fun night . Kaylee looked like she liked my brother and he looked like he liked her back , Same thing goes for Daniel and Marissa , And For Ryan And Cindy .

Justin Bieber's POV :

I remeber this morning when everybody was talking crap aboutSami just because we kissed and the paparazii found out . I felt like cursing them out and defending her . Why cant they ever leave me alone ?

Especially now when im in Love with Sami , I wish i could ask her to be mine but its so hard ... I'll Try tonight .

Samantha Aimee Cruise POV :

We were all leaving to go play some games . Everybody was like in their own little pair , it was cute . Everybody was somewhere here , Me and Justin were walking around .

" Sami ? " i herd him ask .

" Yea ? " i told him .

" i need to talk to you " he said passing his hand through his hair ,We exited the room because of all the noise kids were making .

" Sami ima tell you something , Please promise me after this you'll be my friend ? " he told me , Oh God is He going to ask me out ......

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