I just need somebody to love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ♥ ] Chapter 6

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Recap :

And i walked out of his house , when i was about to leave i herd him say my name anddddd..........


** End of Recap ***

Andd ... I ignored him and walked out , it was dark out .. this reminded me of my last " true " boyfriend .

How can a guy be so cruel and let a girl walk him on a FRIDAY night at 3: something am while theirs alot of drunk drivers out .

" Why does he remind me of Daniel so much ? " i whispered ...

If Your wondering whosDaniel ? He Was My Ex from Freshman Year . He was my first and last boyfriend , hes the reason i break up with guys after a week . I Get scared that guys will break my heart like he did so i have to break their heart , When i do that .. It kills me inside that i have to that .

I Thought he had loved me but i was wrong ... When your young and somebody tells you they love you , ignore it cause they dont know what their thinking .

Me & Daniel had done everything with each other but untill one day he took my virginity away and a week later he left , he didnt even tell me where he was going and he didnt even contact me after that

** End of info **

I opened the door to my house and i see my mom with her suitcases ....

" mommy ? " is she leaving mee ? noo she cant ... i felt my eyes water and she looked up to me .

" im not leaving you , its an emergency ... I'll be back soon , Melanies mom will take care of youu . , okay i'll call you when i land " she said before she gave me a big hug and a tear slipped down my face .

" Byee " I saw melanies mom talking to my mom ...

I went upstairs and into my bedrooom and cried .

why does this stuff happen to me ?

Why did my parents have to divorce ?

Why did some jerk made me end up so scared of being love ?

Why does this guy give me a feeling i cant desribe ?

Why ? So many questions that can never be answered ........

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