I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ♥ ] Chapter 27

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Samantha Aimee Cruise POV :

After Ethan leaving Sunday afternoon i spent the day with mommy , We went shopping and to Red Lobster <3 None of my friends called me , So i guess everyone is spending their day with their family but YAY i get to see them tomorrow :D

--------------- Next Day / Monday ----------

I woke up at 7 . UGH i dont know what to wear .... Whatever i'll just wear my white button up shirt from hollister and some blue skinny jeans but what shoes ... My Black and Red Jordans ... I Just put my straight hair in a sloppy ponytail .

I did the whole morning routine , Get Dress , Eat and Then Justin picking me up .

------------- Arriving at School -------

We were at school so i got out of the car . Then , Justin grabs my hand and we started walking toward the entrance . Its so funny how all the girls were just giving me death glares and guys were like shes with him hahaha its so funny so I just kept my head held up high and just smiled ...

Justin led me to the garden because we were early to school , we sat down .

" Weres my Goodmorning ? " i asked him smiling .

" Nah you dont deserve a Goodmorning " he said .

" WHY ? " i shouted and he laughed .

" Im joking baby , Goodmorning Beautiful " he said kissing my cheek .

" Goodmorning Cutie and I like it more like this " and then i kiss him .

" Ofcourse you do " he said .

" Everybody is probably talking about Us , soon enough ima get attacked by your fans " i said .

" dont worry , i'll always be their for ya " he said wrapping his arms around me .

" Love Me Love Me Say that you love me , Fool Me Fool Me oh how you do me , Kiss Me Kiss Me say that you miss me " He started singing from his song " Love Me "

I laughed " I love that songg "

" I dedicate it to you then shawty "

I laughed " Yay Me " and he smiled me .

" Guess What ? " i told him .

" What ? "

" Je T' Aimee " I told him smiling .

He smiled " I lovee you too sexy " and then he grabbed my hand " Lets go to class " he said .

------------ After School ------

Me , Mellz , and kaylee were staying after school for TryOuts on the cheerleading team . I dont think i'll make it cause Me + Justin thing ... but it never hurts to try .


Justin Bieber POV :

After school i went to the Studio to practice the dance and song of " You Smile " I was joking around with Sean Kingston while I saw Jasmine Villegas Come towards us .

" Hey Jaz , Long Time no see " i said kissing her on the cheek .

" Hey Justi " she said and Gosh she cant call me justi anymore .

"Yo Jaz can you not call me that anymore " i told her nicely .

' why justi ? " oh my god is this girl serious ?!

" i have a girlfriend so if your not gonna call me Justin i would get out of my face right now jasmine " i told her off and the whore spoke :

" Why do you waist your time on that That GIRL ! " she said raising her voice .

" Shes better than you better than every other girl and Why should i waist my time on YOU ! " i said defending my sweet girlfriend

"but i thought you loved me , you said it before justin " she said .

" I Did , but not anymore Jasmine , things happen for a reason ! " i said to her raising my voice .

" Your such an ASS justin drew beiber ' she said screaming at me .

" I dont care just get out of here " i screamed back her thats when usher came in

" Whats going on ? " usher asked .

" This girl is going fucking crazy she needs to fuck off " i defended myself and then Mom comes in to the room .

" Justin Drew Bieber What is wrong with you ? " mom asked me .

" Whats wrong with me ? you must mean whats wrong with her ?! Shes such a slut i have a girlfriend and she disrespecting her God Dam " i said raising my voice

" Watch the way you speak and you dont gotta curse her out justin " mom said .

" JB you shouldnt talk to ladies like that " usher said .

Somebody was calling on my cellphone so i picked it up and went away .

" Hello ? " i asked whoever on the phone .

" Hey Babee ! " samantha said in the phone .

" JUSTIN get back here " i herd my mom shout .

"hey sexy , hows tryouts " i asked my baby

" Its good , did i interupt you in something ? " she asked .

" Umm ---" and my mom grabbed my phone .

" Yes your interupting him , call him when hes not in trouble " my mom said .

" MOM ! " i yelled ......

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