I Just Need Somebody To Love [ a Justin Bieber Love story ♥ ] Chapter 26

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Justin Bieber's POV :

I love Sami she acts like shes fine when shes not . Its crazy how she thinks that i dont know when shes hiding something from me . Sami needs to trust people , the accident with Daniel happened like 2 years ago , She needs to learn how to forget things .

----------------- At the Beach --------

I Told the paparazii that whatever they did would never break us apart . I took Sami away from them before anything worse happened , We walked around so we can lose the paparazzi .

Samantha Aimee Cruise POV :

" Justi " i said in my baby voice and he looked at me " Carry me " i told him smiling . He smiled and he gave me a piggy back untill we catched up to were our friends were .

Justin took off his white shirt and entered the water .

" Is it cold ? " i asked him .

" you tell me " he said .

" Please " i begged but i saw him walk out of the water and hugged me

I screamed ' Your cold you ass " i said slapping him .

" Ouch Sami " he said .

" Sorry baby " I said hugging him but thats when he dragged me into the water .


I dont know what time it was but it was getting late , You could already see the sunset so we all got out of the water .

Me , Justin , Mellz , Chaz , Kaylee , Ethan , Ryan , Mommy , and Mellz Momma . We were all sitting around the bonfire Ethan made . I was shocked he knew how to make one .

We all laughed and talked untill i wanted to take a walk on the beach . I excused my self from them ...

I went walking on the edge of the water by myself thinking about what ive gone threw lately ; Mommy and Daddy recently gotten a divorce , I moved to California with mommy , I made better friends than the one in Florida , I met justin bieber and he became my boyfriend <3 What else could happen next ? I asked myself .....

I herd somebody walking behind me , Great i spoke to soon ... I turned around and saw somebody hiding , God im going to be raped tonight . I decided to walk faster but i was too late ... I felt them grab my waist ... I turned around to seee

" Justin ! " i screamed and he laughed .

" You scared me " i said putting on a fake hurt expression .

" Sorry baby " he said kissing me .

We sat down and looked at the bright star light sky . Justin took my hand and whispered to me " Each star represents how much i love you "

I giggled , " That was so cliche justi "

He smiled " I know buts its the truth "My phone started ringing So i picked it up .

' Uh Hello ' i said .

' Sweetheart were about to leave so hurry over here " momma said threw the phone .

--------------------- Next Day ---------

Im so sad . Why ? My brotheres going back to Florida . The memories of my parents divorce flashed in my head . The week i had found out they were getting divorced , I cried and cried , I even tried to get them back togheter and even once i was going to cut myself but Ethan found me .

Why cant Daddy and Ethan just move to California ? We would be closer .


I herd somebody knock on my door :

" Come in " i said and in came ethan

" Mom said that its time to leave "

------- At the Airport ------

Ethan's flight was now boarding ;

He said bye to mom and she started to cry , I understand thats her son , Her ONLY son .

" Samantha dont do anything to get yourself hurt , Ima miss you but i'll see you soon , aight ? " he told me .

" I'll try ... I'll miss you too and i cant wait to see you next time " i said hugging him .


Sorry this chapter sucked but next one would be better and up by tomorrow night , Thanks for reading " I Just Need Somebody to Love "

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