Chapter 43

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Camryn's POV

"Mom?" Colton says confusedly. Oh my god. I feel like I've just been punched in the gut, so I can't imagine how Colton must feel. He's seeing his mother for the first time in five years.

"Colton I-" the lady starts, but Colton storms out of the diner, slamming the door behind him. She turns around and takes another drink of her damn water. It's taking all of my strength to not slap this lady across her face. I rush from behind the counter to go check on Colton. "Don't worry, I know my son, he'll be back," she says once I reach the door.

"It's been five years, you don't know shit about your son," I spit, shutting the door behind me. I get outside and see Colton getting onto his bike, but he's struggling. I run across the parking lot to him. Once I reach him, he throws his helmet on the floor. I flinch, but move closer to him.

He looks at me and his eyes are glossy. Without a word, he wraps his arms tightly around me and rests his forehead on my shoulder and begins to cry. Hard.

I hold him tightly, using one hand to caress the back of his neck. His entire body is shaking as he sobs and I can't help the tears that fall down my cheeks.

Be strong Camryn, now is not the time for you to cry, you need to be strong. I've never seen him hurt this bad and it's killing me.

"I don't want to see her Cam," he cries. "I can't."

"Shhh it's okay, you don't have to," I whisper into his ear. I run my hand up and down his back and Colton flinches. My touch must've hurt him. Oh no. "No, not again," I whisper shakily. I knew it. I shouldn't have let him go home. This is my fault.

"It was bad Cam," he whispers, still crying.

"Colton." We both turn to see his mom standing in the parking lot with us. Colton releases me and turns away.

"You should really go, he doesn't want to see you," I tell her.

"Don't tell me what to do, he's my son," she says, crossing her arms.

"Don't talk to her like that," Colton snaps at her. Her eyes widen and she uncrosses her arms, standing up a little straighter. I can see her face fall in this poorly lit parking lot. Colton is no longer crying, he looks pissed.

"Colton can we please just talk?" She begs.

"For what?" He asks angrily. "So you can just tell me some bullshit excuse as to why you left me!" He starts pacing and running his fingers through his hair. He always does this when he's angry.

"Please, just give me a chance to explain," she whispers, tears brimming her eyes. Colton stops pacing to look at her. His face falls and I can tell he feels terrible, even though he has no reason to, but she is still his mother.

"Fine," he whispers.

"What?" She asks, surprised by his response.

"You have five minutes," he says, grabbing my hand tightly and walking back towards the diner.

"I was hoping we could talk alone," she says, walking behind us and Colton just glares at her. I squeeze his hand a little tighter.

Once inside, Colton walks to the booth at the back of the diner so none of the workers can hear us. He lets me sit in the booth first, then slides in next to me. He probably doesn't want to be trapped in case he needs to make a quick escape.

His mom sits across from us and takes a deep breath.

"You look so handsome," she says, smiling at him slightly.

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