Chapter One

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My alarm goes off at six and I'm ready to throw it at the wall. If you've ever thought that there's no way you could possibly hate a sound with a passion, try setting it as your alarm. I sit up in my bed, and fall back down again. Mondays are always the hardest. I repeat this struggle a few times before actually making it to my bathroom. I'm lucky enough to have my own bathroom in my bedroom, the thought of sharing one grosses me out.

I plug in my curling wand and brush my teeth as it heats up. I curl my hair pretty tightly because I feel it adds more volume. I hairspray it down and start on my makeup. I do the same look I always do: foundation, blush, light brown eyeshadow and mascara. For some people that's either too little or too much. For me, it just makes me look awake. Satisfied with my hair and face I walk back into my room to pick an outfit.

I check the weather on my phone to make sure my clothing is appropriate. It's going to be a high of 73 degrees. I decide on a pair of dark jean shorts and an oversized black sweater with a gold cross printed on the front. My outfit is contradicting, but in California, it works. I check the time and I have half an hour before I need to be at school.

I grab my bag and head downstairs for breakfast. My mom is still sleeping and my dad has already gone to work, so my mornings are always quiet. I pour myself some Cinnamon Toast Crunch and sit at the kitchen island to enjoy my food. Once I'm finished I put my bowl in the sink, grab my keys and head back upstairs to kiss my mom goodbye. She mumbles she loves me and I'm out the door.

In the driveway sits my very own four-door 1997 Camry. It was my parents' first car they got as a couple and it was my 16th birthday present. It's a bit of a fixer upper, but it's my baby and I love it. I climb in the drivers seat and start the car. Before I pull out of the driveway, I notice that the house next to mine has the garage door open, and the 'For Sale' sign has been removed.

Looks like the new neighbors are moving in today. Great. There goes my beautiful view until the curse works its magic and these new people move out.

I shake my loss out of my head and drive off. It takes me about ten minutes to get to school. It sounds quick, but the walk would probably take me an hour. I pull into the student parking lot at the back of the school and park in my usual spot. There's always a ton of kids back here in the morning, hanging out before the first bell rings. They're all a bunch of jocks and cheerleaders. How typical.

I'm making my way to the D building as someone yells, "Hey freak!" I turn and see that it's Chance Harper. I've known him since the first grade and he's never failed to call me at least one name each day. All of his other friends laugh and I just roll my eyes and step into the building. First name of the day.

I make sure I show up to school just as the bell rings so I don't have to stand alone like an idiot. My first class is honors algebra II and their isn't a worse subject to have that early in the morning. Luckily my teacher isn't into groups, so everyone is pretty much alone in that class, like me.

She starts the class of by passing back the tests we took on Friday. I got an A. Yes! I really don't pay attention the rest of the class because she just going over the test for people who need help, and I obviously don't need it. The bell rings and I head to the office for second period. I'm the school's secretary's assistant which means I answer the phones and deliver packages to teachers.

I'm greeted by the counselors' assistants as I walk into the office. I say good morning to each lady and make my way to the front desk. Mrs. Arlene looks swamped with a bunch of phone calls so I pick up the other phone to help.

"Brent High School, how may I help you," I say.

"Yeah hi, I'd like to excuse my son from school today, he has a fever and isn't feeling too well," the woman on the other line says.

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