Chapter 56

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Colton's POV

"What time do you get off?" I ask Cam about work as she pulls her hair into a ponytail.

"9," she answers. She searches her room for her apron as I lay across her bed. "What are you going to do while I'm gone?" She asks.

"I think I need to go home," I sigh. I haven't been home for over a week. I'll need to face my father sooner or later, especially if I'm actually considering moving in with Madeleine, er, my mom."

"Are you sure?" She asks, reaching for her apron underneath her desk. I just nod. "Well be careful," she says, hovering over me, giving me a soft kiss on the lips. "I have to go, I'll see you later," she says.

"I'll walk you out," I tell her, following her down the stairs. She gives me another kiss before getting in her car. "I love you," I tell her.

"Love you too," she smiles, driving off. I turn around and start walking to my house. My dad's car isn't in the driveway so I know I won't have any trouble to deal with at the moment.

I pull my keys out of my pocket and open my front door. I feel like I haven't been here in forever.

The living room is a mess and the air smells of alcohol. There's cans of beer and bottles of whiskey all over the floor. The mess trails up the stairs, but along with the trash are some clothes. My clothes.

I walk to the stairs and start picking up my things. It seems like each step has its own piece of clothing. What the hell?

I reach the top of the stairs with a pile of clothes in my arms and try to open my bedroom door without dropping anything. I get my door open and immediately drop everything to the floor along with my jaw.

It looks as if there was a tornado in my room. Everything is thrown on the floor. My dresser drawers are pulled out and thrown across the room. My mattress is opposite the actual bed frame. My closet door is broken with all of my clothes pulled off the hangers. I can't even see the floor.

There's holes in the walls differing in size. Some look the size of a fist, some look like they were caused with my baseball bat that is thrown next to my mattress.

I'm not all too shocked. I wasn't home for him to take his anger out on so he had to do it somewhere. I lean against the wall closest to my door and slide down to the floor. I don't know what I'm going to do when he comes home.

I pull my phone out of my pocket and click it on. My wallpaper of Cam and I pops up. I stare at the photo. She looks so happy.

She won't be happy when she finds out about this. There's no way I can't tell her, I can't keep anything from that girl.

Things were supposed to be getting better for us and this will just make it worse. I hate that she worries about me and I hate giving her something to worry about.

I can't live this way anymore. Not just for Camryn, but for me too. I don't want to put up with this anymore. I deserve better. I just can't believe that it's taken me years and years of abuse to finally realize that I'm better than this.

I unlock my phone and call the most recent number that I added. The phone rings twice and is picked up.

"Colton!" Her voice says.

"Hi Mad.. Uh mom," I say, squeezing my eyes shut because I know I messed up.

"It's okay," she whispers warmly. I stay quiet but stay breathing into the phone. "Colton, what's going on?" Her voice sounds so comforting, like when I was younger.

"Mom I need your help," I sigh into the phone. A few tears fall down my face and my voice is cracking.

"Colton tell me what happened, what did he do?" She asks. I'm taken back to being six. It was the first time my dad ever beat me and it was while my mom wasn't home. She asked me the same exact questions when she saw me covered in marks.

I try to speak into the phone but nothing comes out, just more tears. I squeeze my eyes shut even tighter. "He just, I can't stay here anymore," I tell her. I hear her call something out to someone near her.

"Colton pack your things, and I mean everything, I'm going to go get you," she tells me.

"No, you don't have to come down here, I have my motorcycle," I tell her.

"You can't bring your things on a bike," she tells me and I know she's right. "I'll be there as soon as I can," she says worriedly. I can hear her start her car in the background.

"Thank you," I tell her. I hang up the phone and and get up off the floor. I don't even know where to start cleaning.

I dig into my broken closet and pull out a gray duffle bag. I start at the far right side of my room near my bed. I search for any type of clean clothing, underwear, t shirts, anything. I flip over a dresser drawer that was pulled out to put it back in its place.

Underneath the drawer is a piece of paper torn to shreds. I pick up the scraps and try to put them back together.

It was the letter my mom wrote me. It's ruined. That letter was the only thing that gave me hope when she first left. It saved me from going completely crazy and it's ruined.

"Look who decided to come home." His voice sends a chill down my back, but I'm not afraid, not this time. Now I'm just pissed. I can hear him approaching me from behind.

I ball my hand into a fist, crumbling the torn pieces of paper. Without hesitation, I turn around, swinging my fist as hard as I can, but hit nothing.

He isn't here. My eyes scan my room quickly. I'm alone. It was just my imagination. That's when I lose it.

I throw the paper out of my hand and let out a frustrated groan, scream almost. I'm full of anger and I need to let it out. I step to my already destroyed wall and start punching.

I don't care how many holes I'm creating, I don't care how badly my knuckles bleed. All I care about is hurting something. My vision gets blurry with tears as I punch with everything I have. Then realization hits me.

I'm turning into him.

I'm letting my anger get the best of me. The one thing I've never wanted to become was my father, but what am I doing?

I slowly stop swinging and slide down to the floor, sobbing like when I was a child.

What has this man done to me?

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