Chapter Three

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My fourth period history class was a breeze since all we did was watch a video and I took a nap. I may seem like a slacker but I have a 4.0 grade point average. How? Because my classes are easy and need very little attention. Except math, that class causes me enough stress it makes up for the rest of my schedule. The bell rings to go to lunch and today Judith is waiting for me by my locker.

"Hey," I smile at her.

"Hey, have you seen the new kid?" she whispers to me pointing behind her. Even though I know who she's talking about I look where she's pointing. I see Colton struggling to open his locker. Without responding to her question, I grab her hand and pull her towards the exit of the building.

As we pass Colton I whisper quickly, "three to the right, two to the left, one to the right." He turns around but I keep walking, not waiting to see if he gets the locker open.

Once we're outside, Judith squeals, "So you do know him! Cam he's so cute!"

"Girl, calm down. He's my new neighbor but he's a total jerk," I say briefly.

"I wish I had hot neighbors," she sighs and I let out a laugh. We make our way to our usual lunch spot and sit down. Judith and I discuss the book we're supposed to be reading for English. "It's a great book, I just wish Lennie didn't have to die," she says.

"Well how else was the book supposed to end?" I ask her, raising my brow.

"I dunno, I guess it was a good ending," she sighs.

"It was a great ending," I correct her and we both laugh. I notice Colton enter the cafeteria and right away I see Nova and her pack of followers right behind her. Nova's twirling her blonde hair with her finger as she talks to him. I can't help but look disgusted.

A group of football boys come passing by our table. "Hey Camryn," one says loudly, loud enough to get people's attention, "I was wondering if your parents and my parents could maybe meet up some time. They're planning on adopting a dog and your parents have a lot of experience in that kind of thing don't they?" Well that's a new one. My mouth falls open a little as everyone around us starts to laugh but I quickly recover.

"Very funny," I say to him, " but being a dick won't make yours any bigger." His jock friends burst into laughter and his face goes red.

He tells his friends to shut up and they all walk away from our table. I don't know why, but I look over at Colton and I think I see a smile on his lips.


After fifth period I go straight to my car to head home. In the back parking lot I see Colton standing by a planter. I remember from his schedule that he doesn't have a sixth period because seniors are able to have a class missing. I expect to see his dad's car pull up, but instead I see the same car that picked him up yesterday with the same sketchy guy driving. Colton's about to get into the car when he notices me watching him. He steps away from the car and makes his way to me.

"Try not to rat on me this time will you," he says coldly. What is with him?! He's literally bipolar. His mood swings are starting to piss me off.

"Try not to get beat up this time will you," I say back mockingly. He lets out a cold laugh and walks back to the car. They drive off loudly and once again, I'm left alone. I get in my car and I'm home within minutes. Outside of Colton's house is a nice looking motorcycle in the driveway. His dad's black Suburban is nowhere in sight, he must be at work or something.

I walk into my house to find that both my parents are at work today. My mom works at a makeup counter at Nordstrom at the mall. She doesn't get paid much, but she gets a great employee discount. I start work at five today so I get straight to work on my math homework.

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