Chapter Eight

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I know what I'm doing takes the number one slot on the list of the dumbest things I've ever done, but I can't help myself. Snooping on Colton has gotten him so mad at me this past week but he shouldn't be so damn secretive. Maybe if he would open up a little more, I wouldn't have this urge to find out what he's up to. I've never been this curious before about what someone is doing, not even my birth parents, but that is a whole other can of worms I don't feel like opening.

I'm a few cars behind Colton when we reach a red light. I'm able to stay far away without losing them because with my windows down, I can hear them. Luckily it's not supposed to rain until later, but it is really cold, so I wrap my scarf a little closer to my neck.

I follow them for about a half hour and I'm considering turning around and going home, but then they turn into a small neighborhood. No other cars turn onto the small street so I have no one to hide behind. I pull onto the street and stop in front of the first house I see. I wait about 30 seconds before following them again. I can hear them getting further and further so that's my cue to go.

The noise of their vehicles guides me through the small neighborhood with a surprising amount of turns. The houses are all one story and seem not so nice. A lot of them could use a paint job and their grass cut. I can no longer hear the sound of Colton's bike so that must mean they stopped.

I continue down the street I'm on and soon enough, I see Colton's motorcycle and the black car. At first I assume they're in the house they parked in front of, but then I notice there's a party going on a few houses down. A party on a Friday afternoon? It is a pretty gloomy, dark day so the sun isn't really out, but still. I drive past the house to see if I can see Colton but all I see are people in the front lawn with red plastic cups, none of them being him.

The garage of the house is open and filled with people too and through the windows I see more people. This is a big party for an afternoon. I park my car in the first spot I see which is about five houses down because the street is packed.

Even though I found out where he is, I still want see him. I don't know what for, I just want to. I get out of my car and start towards the house. I know this is a bad idea, why am I doing it. He doesn't even like me, why am I following him?

As I approach the house I realize I have no idea who these people are, I'm going to stick out like a sore thumb. Or maybe it's a good thing, they don't know that I'm a so called freak. I get to the house and right away a few guys in the front smile at me. They don't look much older than I am, so it gives me enough confidence to walk into the house and find Colton. The door in the garage leading into the house is open so I decide to go in through there.

There's a few people smoking on a couch in the garage and they offer me some. I politely decline and make my way inside. There's a line of couples making out in the narrow, badly lit hallway and I almost gag at the sound of their smacking lips.

I navigate my way through the hallway and and reach what I believe is the living room. I immediately hide behind a wall when I spot Colton. I peek my head and see him sitting on a couch, with a girl on his lap. She's straddled on top of him, kissing his neck and I feel everything in my body deflate. He doesn't seem so into it since he keeps taking sips of his cup every few seconds.

I can't even see the girls face to see if she's prettier than me. I don't know what'll hurt more, though: Colton choosing an uglier girl or someone who's prettier. On one hand I'd think 'Why can't that be me?' And on the other I'd think 'Why aren't I good enough?'

Both seem pretty shitty if you ask me so there's no point in staying at this party any longer. Just as I'm about to leave, somebody bumps into me. I look up to see who it is and my eyes are met with the ones of one of the guys who smiled at me outside.

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