Chapter 21

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"Camryn it's Friday, you sure you want to go?" my mom asks as we pull up to the front of the school. I had to wake her up since Colton decided to wake up and be an ass. Luckily my mom can't tell that I was crying.

"Yea mom, I'm better now," I assure her. I get out of the car and notice a few kids out front staring at me. Please not today, I don't feel like being made fun of.

I haven't been dropped off at school in what seems like forever. My dad says the insurance should cover the cost of me getting a new car. Thank goodness, there's no way we'd be able to afford one on our own.

Since I usually park in the back of the school, my class is close, but since my mom dropped me off in front, I have to walk all the way across campus. As I walk, I notice more and more people staring at me, you'd think I have a huge ass sign attached to me or something.

But something's different today. They're not yelling rude things at me they're just... looking. I make eye contact with a few people from my class, but they quickly look away. I really do not need this today, my morning already started off shitty.

I finally make it to class and put my head down as soon as I'm in my seat.

"Uh hey Camryn," someone says, tapping my shoulder. I look up and see a boy named Nathan standing over me. If I remember correctly, he use to throw crumbled up pieces of paper at me and called me names. He must want the math homework or something, but why would I give it to him?

"Yeah?" I say.

"We, uh, heard about your accident," he says, nodding his head back towards a group of our peers, staring at me. "It was pretty bad, and we just wanted to say," he pauses and scratches the back of his head. This is weird. "We're just glad you're okay now," he finishes. He quickly turns around and makes his way to the group. I expect them all to start laughing because he just finished some sort of dare, but they don't. They just continue looking at me.

Is this a dream? This is too strange for it to be real. Please let this be a dream and let me wake up next to Colton.

"Camryn, welcome back sweetie." I turn my head and see my teacher standing in front of my desk. "If you have a hard time catching up, just see me after school or at lunch," Mrs. Garcia smiles.

"Oh, of course, thank you," I smile back at her. This is all new to me. I know all of this is out of pity, but I just wish everything would go back to normal.

What am I talking about?! For once in my life, no one's making fun of me, this is great. It just sucks that I had to almost die for it to happen.

Trying to focus on math made me forget about Colton for a bit, but when the bell rang, the pain came back. Second period flies by and before I know it, it's time for anatomy with Colton.

Mr. Miller greets me at the door and asks how I'm doing. After a small chat about my well being, I take my seat next to Arko.

Colton walks in seconds before the bell.

"Move," he tells Arko. I grab Arko's arm as he begins to stand up.

"No, this is your seat," I tell him, and he sits back down looking scared. Colton continues to stand over us and Arko looks nervous.

"Mr. Sommers, take your seat," Mr. Miller says. Colton huffs, but obeys.

I can feel him staring at me the entire time Miller's lecturing, and it's making the pain spread even further. What is he doing? He's the one who sent me away this morning, he's the one made me want to never speak to him again. This is his fault.

When the class ends, I hurry out of the room and into the crowded hallways.

"Camryn stop," Colton calls out before grabbing my arm and pulling me back.

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