Chapter Four

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The next morning I wake up a minute before my alarm goes off. I curl my hair and do my makeup in the bathroom. It's supposed to rain today because California weather is on crack. I go to my closet and look over my options. I don't have very many. I go with some jeans, a white long sleeved shirt and a light green jacket. I throw on a pair of brown boots and head downstairs.

Before leaving, I grab a banana from the kitchen and eat it on the way out. As I'm walking to my car I hear yelling coming from next door. Colton opens the front door and I hear the yelling get louder. He shuts the door behind him and walks to his motorcycle. He looks irritated and stiff as he snatches the helmet off the seat. He swings his leg over the bike and brings the helmet to his face. He notices me staring and he stares back before putting the helmet on and starting his ride.

I get into my car and do the same. I assume he too is on his way to school so I'm not sure who should leave their driveway first. He makes the first move as he rolls down the driveway. Once he's on the street, he's off. I follow close behind him and we soon reach a red light. It's a foggy dark morning so my headlights had come on and are shining on the back of his leather jacket .

He turns his head back a little as if to see if it's me behind him. The light turns green and he takes off. I stay behind him the entire time until we get to school. I park in my usual spot but Colton parks a little closer to the building. I grab my bag from the backseat and start towards the D building. As I pass Colton, he approaches me and says, "don't follow me like that again." I was about to take him seriously but then he smiles and walks off. His smile was wide and genuine, not sarcastic and cold. It's beautiful.

This boy is literally crazy.

I barely pay any attention in my first period and my second passes in a breeze since calls were pretty nonstop. I get to anatomy and sit in my usual spot. Arko walks in a little after me and takes his seat. As soon as he sits, his smell hits me like a truck. Please, not again today. I hold my breath as he tells me hello. I feel bad because I may seem distant but I must have mercy on my nose.

Colton walks in just as the bell rings and Mr. Miller gives him The Look. The Look is what you get when you do something Miller doesn't approve of, and he believes you should already be in your seat when the bell rings. I laugh at the way Miller stares at Colton the whole way to his seat. But instant karma bites me in the ass when I inhale a lungful of what smells like armpit.

I cough and bring my hand to my nose to smell the sweet scent of my lotion. In the corner of my eye I see Colton looking at me, and then I see him throw his head back. He then stands up from his seat and stands behind Arko.

He taps him on the shoulder and says, "Switch spots with me." His voice is pretty intimidating and I suddenly feel sorry for Arko. Here's this small, skinny little brown boy and then there's Colton, a tall monster in comparison.

"But, but this is my seat," Arko says in his strong accent.

"I said switch," Colton repeats, leaning a little closer. I would advise him not to but I'm sort of frozen and he doesn't seem to be phased by the smell. Arko stands up and gathers his things and moves two seats down.

Colton takes his seat next to me but doesn't say a word. He just stares forward and stays silent. His face is hard and I wonder if it hurts at the end of the day from keeping it so stiff. I also notice that the bruise around his eye is almost completely gone.

I realize he did this so I'd be able to breathe, so that's exactly what I do. I take a deep breathe and my nose is filled with his scent instead. It's a sweet smell, like clean laundry and mint. His scent is definitely an upgrade.

I turn my attention to my work, but it's hard to concentrate with him right next to me. But Miller does catch my attention by saying, "The chapter 6 test will be on Monday, and I'm still working on the study guide but it'll be ready to print tomorrow."

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