Chapter 25

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Colton's POV

What is wrong with me? It was stupid of me to just go to Camryn's work in the first place. That jerk Ryder was asking for it. He said I wasn't good enough for her. Don't you think I know that already?

I've been trying so hard to be worthy of her and I don't need some idiot pointing out that I'm not. I know Cam didn't seem angry when I left, but I still want to make it up to her.

When I get back her house, her mom has already gone up to bed. Good, I don't think she would want to know what I just did, even though she probably wouldn't even ask, she's barely talked all week.

I make my way up to Cam's room to try and find something I can do to cheer her up when she gets home. It's supposed to be a full moon tonight so I decide I should set up some blankets on my roof so we can lay out there together.

As I reach for the blankets on her bed, I notice her necklace on her nightstand, she hasn't put it back on. I pick it up and hold it between my fingers. It's such a small, fragile thing and the word Forever is barely visible. I now know what I can do to make her happy.

Since we haven't had a chance to look into finding her birth parents all week due to taking care of her mother, now is a great time to get a head start. I know that it's late, but I won't be able to sleep until Cam gets home anyways so I might as well start now.

Once I figure out why my plans are for the night, I realize I have no fucking clue where to start. I don't even know their names. So I sit and I try to think. Cam's parents must have the adoption papers somewhere around here and finding those would be a good place to start. But where would they keep them?

At first I consider going into the garage and digging through old boxes, but then I remember the next room is a home office. Important documents are usually kept in an office, right?

I exit Cam's room and make a quick right into the office. This room is so small I'm surprised this was Cam's childhood bedroom. There's a desk right in the middle of the room and a lamp in the corner. There's also a fake plant and filing cabinet against the wall.

I make my way behind the desk and start searching through the drawers. Looking through all the documents all I see are bills, bills and more bills. It's obvious that David was actually under a lot of stress, but that's still no reason to cheat, and coming from me, that should mean something.

The desk was a dead end so I make my way to the filing cabinet. There's six drawers and I start at the top. Thankfully, the cabinet is more organized than the desk. There are labeled sections separated by dividers and they're in alphabetical order.

The top drawer is filled with documents about David's construction company, nothing about Camryn. I move onto the second drawer but it's exactly the same as the first, and so is the third fourth and fifth.

I'm about to give up hope as I pull on the sixth drawer but to my surprise it's locked! That must mean I've found something important. I immediately go back to the desk and search for a key, but there isn't one. Luckily I know how to pick a lock due to my not so charming past. I never broke in anywhere serious, just old buildings so Toby and I could throw some stupid party.

I don't have my tools with me but one of Camryn's bobby pins will do. I quietly make my way to her bathroom, if her mom catches me, I'm screwed. I find a container filled with the little clips on the sink counter top and I take two.

Once I'm back in the office, I close and lock the door. I kneel in front of the drawer and push a bobby pin into the lock. After a few twists and turns, the drawer is open. Looks like I haven't lost my touch. I mentally pat myself on the back, then return to business.

I pull open the drawer to find that it only hold one file. I pick up the file which is maybe an inch in width and look at the label. Sutter, Camryn it clearly reads. Holy shit, I found it.

I take the file and set on the desk and sit down. I open it and begin looking for her adoption papers. The first thing I see when I open the file is her birth certificate, but it has a different last name: Camryn, Jaimie Davis. This must be her original. I continue examining the paper.

Mother: Jaimie Davis

Father: Timothy Davis

DOB: December 22, 1997

The first thing that sticks out to me is that Camryn's birthday is in like two months and I didn't even know. Does she know my birthday? Focus! Okay, the second thing that sticks out is that her birth parents have the same last name, that must mean that they were married. That strikes me as weird because why would a married couple want to put their baby up for adoption, that must be rare.

I put her birth certificate aside and find the adoption papers. I see all four signatures: Julie's, David's, Jamie's and Timothy's. It all appears pretty normal until I look at the day the papers were signed: March 17, 1998. What?

Camryn's birth date and the date these papers were signed are nearly 3 months apart. I know that adoption can take a while to be finalized, but Camryn told me that her parents adopted her a few days after she was born. Her story and these papers just don't add up.

I'm not quite sure if this information would actually be good for Camryn to know. That's why the drawer was locked in the first place. I quickly put everything back the way it was and leave the room to go set up the blankets outside.

I have to learn more about this whole situation before I enlighten Camryn with what I just discovered.

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