Chapter Eleven

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Last night had to be the strangest and best night of my life. After telling Colton everything I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder. I finally have someone who I can share stuff with and it's amazing. I still can't believe he got me to tell him about my birth parents and why I'm scared to ask about them.

That little shit wasn't even drunk!

That apple juice stunt had to be the cleverest thing I've ever experienced. I should've known he wasn't drunk, he was completely coherent the entire time. Plus, I've seen him drunk only the night before and I should've been able to tell a difference. Honestly, I think there was a part of me that knew he wasn't drunk, but still wanted to believe it so that I'd be more open to talking to him.

I want to see him again today, but I'm afraid that would be too much. We were together (shortly) on Friday, and basically all day yesterday since he was throwing freaking jelly beans at my window since before noon. Today would just be too much, so that's why I agreed to go out with my mom to the salon.

She has an appointment to dye her hair and I'm just tagging along for the typical gossip.

"C'mon Cam, my appointment was at 11 and it's... 11:04!" My mom calls from the bottom of the stairs. I've been ready to leave for a half hour and she wants to blame me for her being late. My parents are both terrible with time management, so maybe that's a good trait I received from my birth ones.

It's hard for me to tell which characteristics I get from my real parents and which are just habits I form from these ones. Guess I'll never know.

I hurry downstairs and by the time I lock the front door, my mom has the car started. I know she's been needing this appointment because her roots have almost reached an inch. Whenever I point them out she looks like she's ready to slap me and I just laugh.

"So your dad rescheduled our surprise date for tonight," my mom smiles excitedly. "That's why I just couldn't miss my appointment today," she says, looking into her rear view mirror.

"You don't have to take my car again, do you?" I ask, keeping an eye on the road. I'm always anxious when I'm in the car with my mom, she hardly pays attention to what she's doing. Whether it's picking her split ends, checking her phone, or putting on lipstick, the street is the one thing she can't focus on.

"No, we're taking your dad's car, why? Do you work today?" She asks, looking at me. I gently touch my fingers to her cheek and turn her head forward. "Oh relax."

"No, I'm off, but I might just go buy something for dinner since you guys will be gone," I tell her. We pull into the salon parking lot and my mom turns off the car.

"Do you need some money?" she asks and I shake my head. The last thing I need is to borrow money from my parents, I know they're struggling. It's funny though, how my parents need my paychecks to pay the bills but somehow my mom has money to spend a hundred dollars on her hair and another one fifty on cosmetics each month. It's not that I mind, I don't, but if I have to cut back, I think she should too.

We walk into the salon and are greeted by all the ladies. My mom has been coming to the same hairdresser since I was six. Her name is Laurie and she's practically family. I love coming with my mom even when I'm not getting my hair done because Laurie's just so cool. Every time we see her, she has a different hair color. This time it's pastel pink and I think it goes great with her fair skin tone.

"Hey girls!" she cheers from her station. She makes her way to give us hugs and the smell of her hair fills my nose. Her hair always smells amazing since she uses the products the salon sells but that stuff is expensive as hell so I'll just stick to my trusty Pantene.

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