Chapter 16

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Colton's POV

It's Monday. Camryn has still not woken up. Her parents haven't left her side this whole weekend and neither have I. Sleeping in a hospital chair is just as uncomfortable as it sounds, but I don't mind at all. I also really need to shower, but not until I see Cam open her eyes. And school is the least of my worries.

Julie and David, I finally asked them their names, both look like zombies. Their faces grow paler each day and they didn't even say a word to each other today. I know this is taking a huge toll on them but she's going to wake up. Every 5 to 6 hours we all have to leave the room so a nurse can change Camryn's bandages on a wound on her torso I didn't even know she had, her hospital gown covers it up.

The doctor checks in about twice a day, but there's nothing much he can do, just like the nurse said, all we can do is wait.

I only ever leave the room to go grab coffee for Cam's parents, but today, Julie doesn't want it.

"C'mon, Mrs. Sutter, you need to drink something," I tell her, but she just stares blankly at Camryn.

"Honey he's right," David says. He takes both cups out of my hand and kneels in front of his wife. "Please, just drink it."

Julie turns her head to her husband and gives him an evil glare.

"How could you expect me to drink while my baby still hasn't woken up yet!" she yells. She immediately starts to sob and I quickly grab the cups back from David so he could hold his wife. He does so, and she sobs even harder.

I feel sorry for her. Another emotion I unwelcome. I wish she could have the confidence that Camryn will wake up that I have.

"Maybe you two should go home. Wash up, rest, clear your head," I suggest, and they both look at me. "I'll stay with Camryn the whole time," I assure them.

Julie starts shaking her head, but David stops her. "I think that would be good for you, Jules," he says.

"No, what if something happens while I'm gone. No, I couldn't," she says again. She seems convinceable.

"I promise I'll call if anything happens," I insist. I can tell she wants to sleep in a bed and have a nice warm shower, but she's holding back.

"I don't know..." she starts.

"Sweetie, we'll be gone for a few hours, after a nap and a shower, we'll be right back," David says. I can see the internal battle in her eyes.

"Okay," she finally says. "Call immediately if anything happens."

"I will," I assure her. They both give their daughter a kiss on the forehead and exit the room, leaving me with their coffees. I scoot a chair closer to Cam and begin to drink a cup as I hold her hand. Every chance I had alone with Camryn this past weekend, I talk to her. I find it easier to open up to her this way.

"Hey, Camryn," I say, rubbing circles on the back of her hand. "Your parents went home for a little bit for some sleep. They really need it, they looked awful. As for me, the hand soap in the restroom will have to do for now. They'll be back soon though so don't worry. I really wish you'd wake up soon, it's so boring here. Plus, my dad keeps calling me. Guess I shouldn't have asked the nurse for a phone charger, huh?" I always pause while I talk to her, because one of these times, she's going to respond.

"That reminds me," I continue, "this whole past week, I've been looking into the whole emancipation process. It's some serious shit, er, stuff, but I'm willing to do what I have to. I already called a lawyer and everything. Now I'm just waiting for a court date. I never thanked you for bringing that to my attention, so thank you."

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