Chapter Six

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Colton's promise has been kept when he parks his motorcycle in his driveway within minutes. As soon as I let go of him, my whole body feels cold. I climb off of the bike, and after kicking the stand in place, he does the same. The rain is still pouring so I'm a little hesitant on giving him back his jacket. I take it off and hand it to him and he gives me back my apron.

"Thank you," I say and he just nods, turning to walk to his front door. "Colton wait," I call out to him. He turns back around to face me. "I just wanted to apologize again, for earlier." I say quickly.

"You shouldn't have done that," he says, running his hands through his wet hair. "You don't just go picking around someone's past. Okay?"

"I know, and I'm sorry. It won't happen again," I tell him. "So can we try being friends, again?" I ask and he smiles.

"Why do you want to be my friend so badly?" he laughs. That's a good question.

"I don't know, we're neighbors so I think we should be, and honestly I really miss my spot on your roof," I say.

He looks confused and says, "My roof?"

"Yeah, you see that spot right outside your window?" I point in between our houses where out bedroom windows face each other. "Right there is where you get the perfect view of the moon every night."

"Oh really?" he asks and I nod. "Well I guess that sucks for you cause that's my spot now," he shrugs and I look shocked. He laughs and the beautiful sound fills my ears. His laugh is genuine and kind, like a child's.

"Where the hell have you been all day?" Colton's face immediately stiffens when his father comes out of the house. He turns around to face his father. "And why the hell are you just standing out in the rain?" Walt asks.

Colton stays quiet, so I speak up, "I'm sorry sir, it's my fault, I kept him out."

Colton turns and shoots me a look.

"Ah, Camryn," Walt says.

"I think you should get inside," Colton says, tuning around to face me, "I'll talk to you later," he whispers. He turns back around and walks into his house without even looking at his father.

I still get an uneasy feeling when I see him, so I fake a quick smile and cross over onto my lawn and into my house. Colton never seems to like when his dad is around him. I wonder if it's a typical teenager thing, but then again, Colton's not your typical teenager. It's as if he's as uneasy as I am when he's around.

I run up to my room to change out of my clothes and take a shower. Before getting undressed, I send my mom a text saying I'm already home and don't need a ride. She replies two seconds later saying they're already on their way home.

I take a hot shower and the steam relaxes my body, reminding me of how tired I am. Thank god tomorrow's Friday and it's late start at school. I grab my phone and make sure to change my alarm to go off exactly one hour later than usual. Yay, more sleep.

I hear the front door open and walk downstairs to ask my parents about their date. When I reach the bottom of the stairs I see my dad taking off my mother's coat. "So, how was it?" I smile at them.

"Short," my dad sighs.

"I know, what are you guys doing back so early?" I check the time on my phone and it's a little after eight o'clock.

"Why don't you ask your mother," he says. He starts for the stairs and I let him pass me. I raise my brow at my mom and she sighs.

"What happened?" I ask.

"Well we were at dinner, and work kept calling. Your father told me to ignore the calls, but I couldn't. And they asked if I would be able to be in at work tomorrow by six in the morning," she explains. I agree with my dad when he said to not answer the phone. My mom should know by now that her work only calls her to see if she can switch her good hours for shitty ones.

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