Chapter Five

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Shit. What is he doing here? Does he know I work here? Would he even be here if he knew I work here? How long has he been sitting there? All these questions cross my mind before anyone spots me. I debate on turning around and calling in sick, but my mother has my damn car. Shit.

I see Abel behind the counter and a huge smile appears on her face. She's about to greet me by name like she usually does, but I wave my hands in the air and bring a finger to my lip telling her to shush. Her smile turns into a confused look and I decide to enter the kitchen, which is behind the counter, instead of going straight to my station.

All the cooks look confused but they greet me anyways. "Hey Cam, whatcha doin back here," Ryder, the cook who always walks me to my car, asks. He's pretty young, only two years older than me. He graduated last year and it was a sad time because he was the only guy who was ever nice to me. He's handsome too, blonde hair and blue eyes. He resembles the surfer stereotype, but in reality he's just as uncoordinated as I am.

"Um, I thought I'd just say hi. Hi," I smile, nervously. I mentally face palm myself for my stupid reply.

"Hi," he laughs. One of the other cooks calls him to help and he's gone. I look through the small window where the food is served and I'm able to see Colton. He's holding a cup of what I assume is coffee in both his hands. He's just starring into the cup, into space.

"Girl, what are you doin' back there?" Abel asks, stepping into the kitchen.

"Shhh! C'mere," I whisper, motioning her to get closer. She takes a few steps towards me and puts her hand on her hip and raises her brow. "Okay, you see that boy over there?" I ask, pointing to Colton.

"Mhmmm, he's a cutie," she says, looking back at him.

"Yeah well that cutie hates me, I can't work counter today, please let me stay back here," I beg.

"Oh nuh-uh, girl this is your job, now what did you do to make that fine thing hate you?" she asks. I can't help but laugh, but then my faces goes serious again.

"It's a long story, please Abel?" I am literally begging her.

"You know what you're going to do? You're going to walk out this kitchen, keep you head held high and say 'Would you like s'more coffee?', then walk away after he says no," she explains.

"How do you know he'll say no?" I ask her.

"Well he's just been staring at his first cup for the past three hours, hasn't even took a sip," she says. He's been here since he left school. "Now get out there." Abel starts pushing me out from behind and I try to protest but to my surprise, she's quite strong.

Colton still hasn't looked up from his cup and I try to turn back to the kitchen, but there's Abel mouthing 'ask him!'. In my head, I am banging my head against the counter top.

I step up in front of Colton and he still doesn't look up. He looks like he's in some sort of trance. I clear my throat and ask, "Would you like more coffee?" I could see that I got his attention by the way his hands grip his cup tighter. His eyes slowly move up my body to meet my eyes. I swallow hard, but keep a straight face.

He puts his cup of coffee down, covers his face with his large hands and lets out a loud frustrated sigh. I look back at Abel and she walks towards me. She doesn't stop, she just passes and whispers, "damn." Yeah Abel, damn. Why did she make me do this? I should probably move away from Colton before he throws his cup at the wall or something.

Just as I'm about to walk away, Colton removes his hands from his face and stands up. He reaches into his back pocket and asks, "how much for the coffee?"

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