Chapter 54

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Camryn's POV

Just go in, Cam. Turn off the car and just walk in. I can't bring myself to make my way into the coffee shop Sam told me to meet him at. I don't know what's wrong with me, I used to be so strong, or at least I hoped I was. I'm so sick and tired of acting like a scared, little, fragile creature. I am a strong woman who is going to start acting like one. No more crying, no more hiding.

I turn off my car and step out with much more confidence than I've had in a while. I used to not care about anything when I was a loner, but now life wants to throw a few problems at me and I crack? No way.

I've cried so much in this past month I'm surprised I haven't dropped dead due to dehydration. Last night's breakdown in the shower was the last straw for me. Never have I felt so weak. I hate it.

My nerves disappear with each step I take towards the coffee shop. Once inside I feel completely okay. For real this time.

I spot Sam at a table in front of a large window. The barely risen sun shines through and shows off the contours of his face. We have the same cheekbones.

He looks up and sees me standing by the entrance and waves me over. I feel my nerves awaken and quickly shake them off with a hair flip. Hair flips always make a girl feel superior to anything.

I walk over to him with the same confidence I had as I walked in. You got this, Camryn. No more weakness.

"Good morning, Cam," he says, standing up. "You don't mind if I call you that right?"

"Good morning, and of course not," I smile. This is happy time, I'm having coffee with a brother I never knew I had, so I'm going to smile as much as I can. No pain this morning.

He doesn't sit until I do. Very gentleman like. I take off my black coat and set it on the back of my chair along with my purse.

"Will Colton be joining us?" He asks.

"No, I let him sleep in, he has a few hours of driving to do this afternoon," I explain.

"I see," he says and I just nod. "Would you like a coffee? They're really good here," he asks.

"Yea, the one on the sign outside really caught my eye," I say pointing behind me with my thumb.

"I'll be right back then," he says. He makes his way to the counter and I see him point to the sign while talking to the barista.

This coffee shop looks a lot like Starbucks but it's pretty big and even has a bookshelf as a wall filled with tons of books. The clientele is the same though: young people on MacBooks and textbooks open.

"Here you go," Sam says when he gets back to the table with my coffee.

"Thank you," I say. I'm not even sure what type of drink was in the picture I pointed to, but the drink is hot so how bad could it be. Frappes always scare me with their crazy flavors.

Sam also got a hot drink and sips on it slowly as he sits across from me. I'm not sure what to say, so I take a sip of my drink too. I immediately regret my decision when my tongue and throat start to burn. On the bright side, the drink is good, tastes like vanilla.

"Alright, do you mind if I just ask random questions to try and get to know you," he asks raising his eyebrows. He doesn't seem nervous and I'm glad I don't either.

"Go for it," I respond, taking another sip. He leans forward with his forearms resting on the table and eyes me closely.

"Okay," he says, looking at me with squinted eyes. "Favorite movie?"

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