Chapter Two

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My parents sit on either side of our large dinning room table and Walt and Colton sit next to each other on one side. I sit across from them on the other. The food is set out in trays and my mother starts placing food on everyone's plates.

"So Cam, how was your day?" my dad asks, taking a bite of his enchiladas.

"Well I have good news and bad news," I tell him, picking at my plate.

"Oooo, always go with the bad news first," Walt chimes in with a low chuckle. Compared to Walt, my dad looks so young. My dad is handsome, I know this because strangers tell me so. My mom also tells me he was the best looking guy in high school. I've seen his yearbook and I'd have to agree.

My dad laughs too and says, "I agree, shoot."

"Okay," I say cleaning my mouth with a napkin, "well I got a D on my anatomy test."

"Ah, good news, good news, tell me the good news," my dad says putting his hand on his forehead.

"I got an A on my math test," I smile.

"Hey look at that! Unless your planning on becoming a doctor I'd say you're doing good," he laughs. This is what I like about my dad, he always looks on the bright side of things. He holds his fist out in front of me. Oh god, this is him trying to be cool.

I touch my fist to his and say, "Dad, kids don't even do that."

"How would you know, you don't have any friends," he fires back. Walt and Colton both look at me and I laugh.

"Touché," I say, taking another bite of my food. My mom asks my dad about work and he goes on about how the company isn't doing too well. He works for a construction company, and in this economy, nobody really wants to pay for something to be built.

I notice Colton hasn't touched his food, he's just staring at it with his eyebrows furrowed. His dad leans in and whispers something in his ear. My parents don't seem to notice. Colton tenses up and takes a bite of his food. he continues to eat his food like this, tense and angry looking.

"So, Camryn, you go to Brent high?" Walt asks me, diverting my attention from his son.

"Yes that right," I say to him.

"Well at least Colton will have one friend when I enroll him tomorrow," he says. I smile but Colton snorts. Everyone looks to him. My mom hates awkward situations so she quickly changes the subject.

"So Walt, will your wife be joining us this evening?" she ask. This grabs Colton's attention. He stops picking at his plate and raises and eyebrow to his dad.

"Actually, my wife," Walt starts, "she died about five years ago." Before anyone can sigh in remorse, Colton drops his fork on his plate with a loud clank, stands up and walks out of the dining room. "Please excuse him, he still has trouble coping."

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry," my mom says. I can tell she's embarrassed, so I stand up too.

"Is everyone done, I'm going to clean up," I say, and everyone hands me their plates. I take them into the kitchen and see Colton standing in front of the sink with both of his hands on the counter. He hears me with all the plates and turns around. Without a word he takes the plates from my hands and puts them in the sink.

"Sorry about that," he mumbles and walks back to the dining room before I can even form a sentence. I hear him apologize to my parents and my mom tells him it's okay.

"Camryn, sweetie come in here," my dad calls out. I walk back to where they are and my dad says, "why don't you and Colton go for a walk so you can show him around."

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