Chapter Seven

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He's staring at me with his gorgeous eyes. I look away from his gaze and look up to the stars. They're extremely beautiful tonight, but not as beautiful as the boy laying next to me on this roof. I can tell he's still looking at me. He looks at me like no boy ever has before. His eyes are full of want and desire, and mine are the same. I turn back to him and he smiles. It's that wide smile that resembles a child's. Up here on this roof, he isn't tense, or mad. He's relaxed and happy. He's free. He's free from whatever he fears and he is happy, and I am happy for him. But in a split second, his smile disappears. It is replaced with fear as we hear banging in the distance, and I can see him slipping from me, right before my eyes.

I jolt awake. It was a dream.

I try to gather my thoughts, but I still hear banging. I sit up in my bed and realize it's the front door. I grab my phone to check the time and it's 7:30, exactly one hour before I need to be at school. I wonder why no one has opened the door and then I remember my mom had to work early.

I rush out of my room to answer the door, but the banging stops before I reach the stairs. When I reach the bottom I swing open the door, but no one's there. I take a step outside but still see nobody. I close the door and lean my back against it. I'm going crazy from sleep deprivation.

I start to rub the sleep from my eyes when I hear something upstairs. Okay, I know for sure that I'm supposed to be alone, both of my parents are at work. I'm scared out of my mind, it is too early for this shit. I should call the police, but what if I'm just hearing things. I look around me to find something to protect myself with. The only thing I find is an umbrella settled by the door. I grab it and slowly walk up the stairs.

I have the umbrella held so that the pointy side is sticking out, just in case I need to stab a predator. Oh my god, what if I have to stab a predator? I start to think if I would actually do it. Probably, I mean, you do crazy shit when you're scared and need to defend yourself. Jesus Camryn, focus.

I slowly approach my bedroom door. Okay, I give myself three seconds to open it. Holy shit I can't do this. One, holy shit, I'm going to have to. Two, holy shit, here I go. Three.

I push the door open and scream when I actually see someone standing in my room. They scream back. I don't think, I just throw the umbrella at whoever it is.

"What the fuck, Camryn!" he yells.

"Colton!?" I scream back. I wipe my eyes and sure enough, there he is rubbing his arm where the umbrella hit him.

"What the fuck were you doing? Ow!" he says, still holding his arm.

"I thought someone was breaking in," I explain, my body still shaking from this minor rush of adrenalin. My heart is pounding and I feel a little lightheaded.

"So you thought a damn umbrella would protect you?" he asks, his face still scrunched from some pain. I think I may have thrown the umbrella pretty hard, but what if it was an actual threat. I think I did alright.

"Well I got you good didn't I?" I point out. "What the hell are you doing in here?" I look him over and see he's completely dressed and ready. He's wearing a white t-shirt and a gray zip up sweater. His jeans are dark and nicely fitting and a pair of gray Nikes.

"I tried knocking on the damn door for five minutes but you didn't answer, so I tried this, which was a fucking bad idea," he says and I burst out laughing. "You know, I'm starting to worry what you'd do if someone actually broke in," he laughs. He's right. Last night I froze and this morning I panicked. I'd probably die, if I'm being honest.

"So why the hell are you banging on my door at seven thirty in the damn morning ON A FRIDAY?" I ask loudly.

"Excuse me for wanting to be a good friend and making sure you're not LATE FOR SCHOOL," he says, mocking my tone. Is it weird that I can only focus on the word friend.

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