Chapter 28

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Colton's POV

Work was boring as usual but at least I'm making money finally. My boss, Ron, let me serve today so I was able to make some tips. My best tip was only five bucks and I think that's because the girl thought I was attractive. She kept staring.

As I'm heading to my bike in the parking lot, my phone starts to ring. I look at the screen, it's Toby.

"What's up man," I answer.

"What the fuck is up stranger? Haven't seen your ass in weeks, where the hell have ya been?" he asks. Shit, it has been a while since I've seen my best friend. I can't believe it hasn't crossed my mind to check up on him. Even though he's the one keeping me out of fights, well at least trying to, I still worry about the fucker.

"No where man, just trying to get my shit together," I say casually.

"Since when?" he laughs, "hey, it's because of that girl isn't it?" How does he know about Camryn? Oh yeah, she was the reason Toby needed to stop me from killing Ethan.

"So what if it is?" I ask. I think it would be cool for Camryn to finally meet my best friend, I think she'd like him.

"Well shit, good for you man, it's about time your ass stopped sleeping around," he booms into the phone. Never mind, I don't think Cam would want to hear that.

"Shut up man, what has your ass been up to?" I ask, changing the subject.

"Same old shit, there's a party tomorrow night and I need your ass to be there, you're my wingman," he says. Old memories of helping him hook up with random girls and him returning the favor fill my mind.

"I don't know man..." I start.

"C'mon, you can even bring your girl, she'll have a great time too," he bargains. I don't think Cam would want to go to another one of these parties, but I do miss my friend.

"Tell you what, I'm on my way to her house right now and I'll ask her if she wants to go," I tell him.

"Great, see you tomorrow then," he says and hangs up. He always assumes things are going to go his way, and they usually do.

I get to Cam's around 10:30 and pull into the driveway.

"Son," I hear as I park my bike. An instant chill runs down my spine. I knew I couldn't hide from him for long, after all, I am staying right next door.

I turn around to see my dad standing about three feet away from me. "Walt," I say back. What does he want?

"Walt? So I'm not your father anymore?"

"What do you want?" I ask boldly.

"I want to know when my son is coming home," he says casually. Why does he want me home, tired of beating the wall?

"I'm not," I reply trying to pass him to get inside the house.

"So you think you can just move in with your little girlfriend, you think you're grown now?" he spits, stepping in front of me.

"Yea, so leave me alone," I say.

"You know I think I'm going to have a little chat with Mrs. Sutter, tell her I don't want my son in her house anymore, I'm sure she'll respect my decisions don't you think?" he threatens. He turns around and heads for the front door. I try to stop him but he pushes me away.

It's late, so hopefully Julie's already asleep. Walt knocks on the door and I pray no one answers, but seconds later, the door opens. It's Camryn. Her eyes immediately go wide once they meet my father's.

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