Chapter 49

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Colton's POV

Camryn picks at the thread of her cardigan in the passenger seat. She does that when she's nervous. Under that she's wearing a light pink dress thingy, looks like a dress but has shorts, why? I don't know, but she looks beautiful.

After we decided that we are going through with meeting her parents, she needed to go home and get the address, then wanted to change. She said she wanted to look "presentable" which is crazy because she could be wearing a plastic bag and still look like a goddess.

It takes three hours to get to the address Aimee left to Cam. We've been driving for two and a half. Every minute that passes, Cam gets more and more anxious.

"Stop fidgeting," I tell her, reaching over to keep her hands still.

"Sorry," she whispers. Before we left, she was excited, but now I feel like she might be having second thoughts. I need to support her because I know she wants this.

17 hours ago, Cam and I engaged in our first time together and her first time ever. All I have to say is that it was the best night of my life. It's not even about the physicality of the action either, it's just the fact that she showed me how much she loves me and trusts me. That's what made it so great.

I look over at her and smile. "I love you," I tell her. She looks up from her hands and gives me a small grin.

"I love you too," she says softly. She looks down at our hands and sighs gently. I don't want her to be nervous, but I don't know what I could say to help her relax.

When I left with my mom, I was going out of my mind, but I didn't show it. I didn't know what to expect. I don't even know why I agreed to leave with her in the first place, but I guess that woman still has that motherly hold on me. I remember the car ride with her was silent and awkward, but as soon as I laid my eyes on Parker, all that went away. I was overcome with joy when Madeleine carried out little Sarah, and I just want Camryn to feel some type of joy too.

I was scared for the longest time not knowing where my mother was or how she was doing, and now that I know she's fine, I feel like this weight I didn't even know was there was lifted off my shoulders. I don't want Cam to keep carrying this weight she doesn't even know is there.

"In 200 hundred feet, turn left onto Baker Avenue." My thoughts are interrupted by the navigation on my phone. We're five minutes away. I glance at the dash to check the time. 5:03.

I can hear Camryn's breathing begin to quicken. I squeeze her hand a little tighter. "We don't have to do this if you don't want to," I tell her, assuring her that she has no obligations to fulfill.

"No, I want to," she says, this time not whispering. She sits up in her seat. "I need to do this, okay? And who knows, they might like me," she says.

"They'll love you," I say. She smiles nervously at me.

"Your destination will be on the right."

Cam's face goes straight for a second. I look out the window to keep an eye out for the address. The houses here are gated? They all look extremely nice and extremely expensive.

I spot the house and turn into the driveway. Before reaching the gate I stop and roll down my window to a small voice box. Camryn's hands are starting to sweat.

I take a chance and press a small green button next to the speaker and the gates open. How safe?

The brick driveway up to the house is quite long and the house itself is quite extraordinary. It's a large white two story with two upstairs balconies and one corner of the house is walled with glass completely.

"Wow," Cam whispers beside me.

"Yeah," I agree in amazement. I park behind a white Mercedes and wait for Cam to say something else.

"Now or never," she breathes.

"Now or never," I repeat.

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