Chapter 31

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Camryn's POV

Finally! I am finally driving myself to school this fine Monday morning! Yesterday my dad took me to pick up a new car that the insurance covered. It was the first time I've seen him since the day my mom and I caught him with another woman.

We hardly spoke. All I said was "hi," and "that one." He wanted to go out to dinner but I told him I had plans with Colton, but that was a lie. Colton and I stayed up all night on the phone on Saturday while he was at the party. I was asleep by the time he got home, and we didn't speak all day yesterday.

I'm already tired of this 'space' thing.

I pull up into the school's parking lot and see Colton leaning up against his bike in its usual spot. He looks extra beautiful today. Or maybe I just miss him. He's wearing a gray long sleeved shirt and dark washed jeans and his hair is combed with gel. Handsome.

I park a few spaces down from him and by the time I turn off the car and get out, he's at my door.

"Hey you got your new wheels," he smiles, kissing my cheek.

"You like?" I ask, making a grand gesture towards the car. "It's a 2009 Altima," I say dramatically, as if I'm trying to sell him the car.

"Anything is better than that Camry," he laughs, taking my hand in his as we walk towards the building.

"Hey!" I smack his arm, "That was a great car." He laughs and pretends to be injured.

I'm about to ask him what he did yesterday when something hits the back of my head. I turn around and so does Colton. Walking behind us is a group of girls, one of them eating grapes.

I guess since I'm completely healed, its back to being mistreated. I could sense Colton tensing up but it's honestly not worth it.

"Just ignore them," I tell him. I squeeze his hand a pull him towards my class.

"How do you do it Cam, how do you just let them treat you like that?" he asks. I sigh and lean against the wall outside of my classroom. Colton leans next to me and stares into my eyes, waiting for my answer.

"My life would be miserable if I focused on being bothered by these people, Colton," I sigh. "I know I'm not what they call me, they don't know me, so why cry over some stupid words and thrown grapes."

Colton shakes his head and sighs. "Well I guess you're just a lot stronger than I am."

The bell rings before I respond so I just kiss his cheek goodbye and he says he'll see me in third period. I walk into my math class and try not to fall asleep.

Before anatomy I stop by my locker to grab my text book and I see Colton doing the same. I shut my locker and walk over to him.

"Shit!" he huffs, shaking his head.

"What's wrong," I ask once I reach him. He's searching through both his locker and the backpack I got him last week. When he told me he didn't have one I thought he was joking, but turns out he just really didn't care for school.

"Did I leave the anatomy homework at your place in Friday?" he asks, looking frustrated.

"Yea you had to go to work remember," I tell him.

"Shit," he repeats. "Isn't it due today? My grade can't take another hit," he sighs. I smile and he looks at me confused.

"Well I guess it's a good thing you have an awesome girlfriend," I say, opening my bag and pulling out his packet of work. "I finished it for you, but that doesn't mean you're getting out of studying later."

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