Chapter 14

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It's been a week. A freaking week since Colton climbed into my bedroom begging for my help. He's been ignoring me since he tried to sneak out the next morning and I'm making no effort to get him to speak to me. He made it damn clear that I mean nothing to him, so that's exactly what I'm going to be. I just don't understand how he has the balls to treat me like shit after I took care of him. I TOOK OFF HIS DAMN PANTS FOR GOD'S SAKE!

All week at school he wouldn't even look in my direction. He sits as far as Mr. Miller will let him in anatomy and avoids going to his locker at all costs. I only ever see him while I'm walking to my car after school but he never goes straight home. He's in much better condition than he was last Friday. He looks almost completely healed but I have no way of knowing how the bruises on his chest and torso look.

Even though I shouldn't, I still care about this damn boy. How can I not, knowing that his home life is so terrible. I just want him to be happy and I know that's not with me, but I still want to see him smile. He could never know I still feel this way though. I'm done making myself look like a fool.

Thank god it's Friday so I don't have to see Colton for a few days. I have work right after school for a few hours so I made sure to leave my uniform in my car.

As I change in the backseat, a few customers walk by and give me weird looks. Oh well, enjoy the show I guess.

"Camryn!" Abel greets me as I walk in. She gives me a hug and I offer a small smile. "Get to work."

I do as she says and start serving the people at the counter coffee. I receive a few generous tips and that brightens my day a little. Saving money has been a struggle since my parents still need to borrow my checks so I'm basically living off of my tips. I secretly hope Colton will come in, but I know that'll never happen.

When my shift is up, I throw on my jacket and head for the door.

"Camryn wait up!" I turn around to see Ryder running from the kitchen.

"What's up Ryder?" I laugh. He stands up straight once he reaches me and fixes his hair.

"I thought I'd walk you to your car, I haven't done it in a while," he smiles.

"Hmmm, you have been slacking," I tease and he laughs. He opens the diner door for me and I thank him. It's pretty dark outside and I check the time on my phone. 7:30. It's gloomy, but I enjoy it.

"So Cam, umm, are you doing anything tomorrow night?" Ryder asks, rubbing the back of his neck. His question catches me off guard and I look up at him and he looks nervous.

"Uh, no actually I'm free," I smile and he seems to relax.

"Cool, I was wondering if maybe you'd like to go to the movies, or dinner, or both," he says shyly. I've never expected Ryder to ask me out on a date, I always thought saw me as a child. He's a freshman in college and I'm barely a junior in high school. I've also never seen him this nervous. It's actually quite nice to see someone be so shy because of me. Unlike Colton who was always a cocky jerk.

"You know what, that sounds great," I smile and he lets out a deep breath. We finally reach my car and I unlock the front door.

"That's great," he cheers and then coughs, trying to hide his excitement. He opens the door for me and says, "I'll pick you up at 8."

"It's a date," I smile and get into the car. I wave goodbye and he runs back into the diner. Who knew I could make someone so happy like that? It's nice to know that some people actually enjoy having me around. This should be a nice change.

I drive home in a great mood and sing the entire way. When I get home I smell food and walk straight to the kitchen. I spot my mom taking out a dish from the oven.

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