Chapter 17

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My parents come rushing into my room ten minutes later, my mom sobbing her eyes out.

"I'm so sorry I wasn't here for you, sweetie," she sobs. She rubs my cheek and gives me a kiss on the forehead.

"It's okay, mom, please don't cry," I tell her. I can see my dad wiping away a few tears before he bends over and kisses my cheek. It's hard seeing my parents like this. I feel like shit for putting them through all this.

"Have you already talked to the doctor?" my dad asks and I nod.

After Colton left the room, a doctor came in soon after. He made sure I was okay and that everything was working fine. He informed me about my car accident, a drunk driver, how ironic. I have a few fractured ribs and needed to get stitches on a gash across my stomach. I was in a coma for three days and he said my temporary memory loss was normal. I felt pain on my face but I haven't looked in a mirror to see those wounds. Luckily the doctor drugged me up on painkillers so I feel fine.

"Honey, why is Colton outside?" my mom asks. Her question catches me off guard.

"I just don't want to see him," I say simply. I'm surprised he hasn't left yet. I can't face him in the condition I'm in. I need to get better before I see him so that I can punch him square in his face. I have so much anger towards him built up inside me. How? How can he just leave me? Last week without him was hell for me. I kiss him and he says it meant nothing. He broke my heart. How am I supposed to face him?

"He never left the hospital you know," my dad says, and for some reason, that doesn't surprise me. He probably just felt bad and didn't want to be in the same house as his piece of shit father.

I still feel bad for Colton and I always will when it comes to his father, but that's all I'll allow myself to feel for him. I can't let him hurt me anymore.

I'm about to ask my parents where my phone is when I hear voices outside the door.

"She doesn't want any visitors." I recognize Colton's intimidating voice.

"I just want to see her," someone else says. The door then opens and in walks Ryder and Colton follows behind him.

Ryder looks handsome with his beach blonde hair spiked up in a messy way and the perfect amount of scruff on his face. He's wearing a black button up shirt and dark washed jeans. He's also holding a bouquet of pink daisies.

"Camryn, I'm so sorry, I just heard about what happened. On Saturday I was so worried when you wouldn't pick up your phone," he says and more memories come to mind.

"Oh our date!" I think out loud.

"Date?" Colton scoffs and I glare at him.

"Yes, our date," Ryder says, looking back at Colton. My parents both make their way out of the room and Ryder places the flowers on the bedside table.

"How are you? I feel so bad for not visiting earlier," he says, shaking his head.

"Don't feel bad, I just woke up anyways," I say nonchalantly.

"For the first time this whole weekend?" his eyes are wide.

"Yes, dumbass," Colton says, still standing by the door.

"Can you just go home?" I snap at him. his face falls and I actually feel bad because I know he doesn't want to go home. Before I can say anything, Colton disappears into the hall.

"What's his problem?" Ryder asks.

"I ask myself the same thing," I respond absentmindedly.


Ryder left the hospital a couple hours after Colton left. Colton hasn't returned and my parents think he left the building. This makes me sad, but I am the one who asked him to leave. I hate how he makes me so confused about my feelings. No, I can't be confused. I'm done with him and that's final.

By doctors orders I have to stay in the hospital for a couple more days. It's Thursday when I get the okay to go home and I'm thankful. I can't wait to go home and sleep in my own bed.

My parents ask the nurse for an unnecessary wheelchair and force me to sit in it. I feel weak as they wheel me through the hospital to the parking lot and I dislike the feeling. Once I'm settled in the car and we start to drive off, I get an uneasy feeling in my stomach. As we turn down streets to get home I notice that I feel anxious and nervous. Am I scared?

No, please, I don't want to be scarred by this.

My mom looks back at me and I try to look as comfortable as possible.

"Sweetie, are you sure you'll be okay tonight? I'd hate leaving you alone on your first night back home," she frowns.

Today's the 31st of October and my dad's company is having their annual Halloween party. My parents go every year and I feel that this year should be no different.

"Mom, I'll be fine, you guys have to go." I give her a small smile and return to focusing on looking normal.

When we get home I can't help but notice Colton's motorcycle isn't in his driveway.

"So what happened to my car?" I ask my dad as he helps me out of the backseat. There's a sharp pain in my abdomen and I flinch a little.

"Sorry! And um, your car was totaled, but don't worry, we're already looking into getting you another," he says. A new car? Can we even afford that? I'm sure the drunk driver's insurance will have to pay for some of it I hope.

Once we're inside my mom asks me where I'd like to relax. Even though I tell her my room, she thinks it's be best if I stay downstairs just in case I get hungry while they're gone.

I relax on the couch and watch tv while my parents get ready for the party. This year my mom dressed up as nurse and my dad as a doctor. They both look cute and I take a picture of them on my mom's phone. My phone broke in the crash and that's another expense to worry about. I wonder if the insurance will cover that too.

"Okay call me if you need anything, I'll have my phone on me the whole time," my mom says, kissing my cheek. My dad's leaving his phone with me because we haven't had a house phone since 2009.

"Don't worry, I'm fine," I assure her. My dad kisses my cheek and they both walk out the door.

I hear them drive off and try to focus on Gossip Girl again.

I get thirsty and I already finished the cup of water my mom set for me on the table.

I try to sit up and pain immediately courses through my body. I guess my painkillers wore off.

Is it too early to already call my parents back?


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