Chapter 50

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Colton's POV

We both get out and she grabs ahold of my hand once we reach the front of the car.

"Are you ready?" I ask her. She nods quickly, nervously, and slowly starts to walk towards the front door. The walkway is lit with small lamps and the front porch has a bright light next to the door. Through the windows you can see lights on, so people are definitely home.

Cam's shaky fingers make their way to the doorbell and gently push. She quickly turns to me, "I change my mind! Let's go," she says. I'm confused by her words and before I have time to process them, someone answers the door. Cam turns her head to see who I'm looking at.

It's a guy, maybe around my age. He's tall and has dark hair, light skin. He's wearing a gray and black baseball tee and black jeans. He looks just as confused as we do.

"Um, can I help you?" He asks, no attitude in his voice, just pure curiosity. Cam opens her mouth to speak, but nothing comes out.

"Yeah, we were just wondering if a Jaimie or a Timothy Davis lived here," I speak up. The guy raises his brow at us.

"Uh yeah," he turns away from the door and calls out, "Mom! There's people at the door." Cam turns to me and shakes her head mouthing "no". She looks scared, so I grab her hand, about to tell the guy never mind.

"Who is it sweetie?" A woman's voice says and Cam's face goes white, and honestly so does mine. It's Jaimie. I can see her approaching the door. The similarities are ridiculous. She has the same pale skin and long black hair as Camryn. Their jawline and cheekbones are practically identical.

"I don't know and don't call me sweetie, I'm almost 18," the guy complains. For almost being 18, he sure sounds like a child. She's wearing a white long sleeved shirt, white pants, and about 5 pounds of gold jewelry around her neck, wrists and hanging on her ears.

Jaimie doesn't look at us immediately, but when she does, I watch her make eye contact with Camryn.

She smiles at her first then looks down slightly, at her chest? No, the necklace! Camryn's wearing her necklace.

I can see the realization flood this woman's face as it goes straight and all color is drained. She knows.

"Camryn?" Her soft voice says. I look to Cam, but before I know it, Camryn falls back onto the floor. I try to reach for her before she hits the ground, but I'm too late.

"Shit!" I curse to myself as I bend over to help her. Thankfully she fell back on to a bed of grass, but it still sounded painful. "Cam, Camryn sweetie," I hum to her as I pull her head into my lap.

"Oh my gosh, here bring her inside!" Jaimie says, waving us into her home. I'm hesitant, but I need to make sure Cam's okay. I slip my arms underneath her body and lift her off the ground. Her head hangs back as I carry her into the house.

Jaimie leads me to a couch where I lay Cam down. "Sam, go get her some water," she commands the boy.

"Camryn, wake up baby, come on," I say, gently patting her face. Jaimie is watching me nervously and it's making me nervous myself. "Come on, open your eyes, come on."

Sam comes back into the den with a glass of water. I take it from him and dip my fingers into the cup. I flick some water at Cam's face, and she starts reacting to it slightly.

"That's it, come on," I whisper. her eyes flutter open and flicker from side to side. She looks so confused, hell, I would be too. She sits up quickly and I try to keep her steady. "How do you feel?" I ask as she looks up at me. She opens her mouth to say something, but then looks around the room.

Jaimie's standing about five feet away and is biting her nails on one hand, while the other is crossed around her torso. Sam is standing next to his mom, looking confused and a little annoyed.

"Oh my god, what happened?" Camryn whispers to me as she stands up, her back facing Jaimie.

"You fainted, are you okay?" I ask, still worried. Cam brings a hand to her her temple and starts to massage it gently.

"Yeah I'm fine, can we just get out of here?" She asks. I nod and take hold of her hand.

"Sorry for all of this, but I think it's best if we both just leave," I say to Jaimie and Sam. Her mouth falls slightly open, but she stays silent. I start to guide Camryn out of the den.

"Sorry for the inconvenience," Cam whispers to them as she follows closely behind me. Her voice sounds so small, and fragile.

"Wait!" Jaimie says. Cam and I both turn around. "Please, stay for dinner, we're having chicken," she says quickly. Sam turns to his mother with a confused why-are-you-inviting-these-strangers-to-dinner look plastered on his face.

I look down at Cam and she looks up at me. I raise my brows at her, waiting for her decision. She looks scared, but turns to Jaimie and says, in her small fragile voice, "Okay."

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