Chapter 42

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Camryn's POV

"Yea that's fine, I'll be there in 20 minutes," I say to Abel over the phone. She forgot to schedule enough people today and needs me to come in. I honestly don't mind, after all that's happened today, I could use the distraction.

I quickly make my way to the kitchen to grab a snack before I change into my work clothes. The only thing I can find that requires no cooking time is an apple so I grab that and head to my room.

Before I reach the stairs, the front door opens and my mom walks in. "Hey sweetie," she says, "you hungry?" She raises her eyebrow at the sight of an apple hanging out of my mouth.

I quickly chew and swallow so I can respond. "I was called into work so I just wanted a small snack," I laugh uneasily.

"Are you okay? What's wrong?" She asks stepping towards me, closing the front door behind her. I debate on whether or not I should tell her everything that happened today, but then I remember she already has something to deal with.

"Um, dad stopped by and dropped something off for you." My moms face falls and she pulls me in for a hug. Her hold is comforting and I want to cry. I feel bad that it's not about my parents failed marriage, but about Colton. I was hard on him and I shouldn't have let him go home. I hope he's okay.

"I'm sorry sweetie, your dad and I just..." she struggles.

"It's okay mom, I get it," I stop her. I hug her tightly then release her, going upstairs to change. I go into my restroom and see that my makeup is a little smeared.

I quickly fix myself up and change into my black shirt and black pants. I throw hair into a ponytail and grab my apron before leaving my room.

"Hey Cam, where's Aimee?" My mom asks when I reach the door.

"Oh, she had to go home," I mutter. Before she can ask anymore questions, I close the door behind me and get into my car.

The parking lot is filled with cars and it's no wonder why Abel needs my help. The diner is never this busy so I wonder why it's so packed today.

"Camryn! Thank goodness you're here!" Abel cheers from behind the counter as I walk in. I scan the diner and notice everyone here is...old.

"Hey Abel, what's going on?" I ask confusedly.

"The bingo winner from across the street is treating everyone to dinner," she laughs and I join her. "Can you cover the counter and I'll get the tables?" I nod and grab a notepad to start taking orders.

I take the first round of orders to the kitchen counter. "Hey Cam," I hear Ryder say. He's standing at the stove stirring something in a pan.

"Hey Ryder," I wave at him. He stays smiling at me until another cook yells at him for almost burning the food. I laugh and turn my attention back to the counter.

"Camryn over here!" I hear an angry voice call from the end of the counter. I walk over to find Dan squished in his stool between two other elderly men.

"Hi Dan, how's it going?" I ask, smiling at his grumpy face.

"Terrible! Joe wins bingo and decides to bring everyone here! I can barely breathe," he huffs, trying to wiggle the two men away from him. I can't help but laugh at his struggle.

"How about the usual on the house," I offer.

"That's why you're my favorite, young lady," he says a little less angrily.

I grab him a mug and pour him his coffee. As he drinks it, I serve the people around him their food.

"Alright Camryn, I best be going now before I hit someone with my cane," he groans and I laugh. He pulls out his wallet and leaves a five on the counter.

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