Chapter 51

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Colton's POV

Cam and I are both hesitant as we follow Jaimie and Sam into the dining room. I can tell by the look on Cam's face that she's unsure about her decision to stay. I grab her hand and squeeze gently.

"Please, have a seat," Jaimie says, waving her wand over two chairs at the table. I pull back Cam's chair and push it in as she sits, then take a seat myself. "Oh, what a gentleman," Jaimie says under her breath and Sam huffs.

"He really is," Cam says, looking at me, genuinely smiling for the first time tonight. I don't think she meant to say that out loud. I smile back at her.

"You guys are adorable, have you two been together long?" Jaimie asks. I know she's just making small talk to avoid the awkwardness and shock of this entire situation. I wonder if she ever even told Sam that they once put a child up for adoption.

"Not that long, actually," Cam says, still in a small voice. "But it feels like I've known him forever," she laughs a little. She's still nervous, but I think she's getting a bit more comfortable.

"Aw, how sweet," Jaimie says.

"Awww," I tease in Cam's ear and she swats my arm telling me to shut up quietly.

"Will, um, Timothy be joining us for dinner?" Cam asks.

"He actually had to stay late at work tonight, but if your willing to stay, he should be home around 8," she says almost hopefully. I think she wants us to stay.

"How do you know my dad?" Sam chimes in and Cam is at a loss for words.

"I'll explain later," his mom says, "but for now, let's eat."

On cue, two women enter from a door that I had no idea was in the room, it blends in with the rest of the wall, with plates in each of their hands. They place one in front of each of us and then exit as quickly as the entered.

The food looks fancy. The chicken even has a leaf on it. For what? I don't know, I pick it off with my fork and start eating. Cam takes very small bites and I know it's because she isn't hungry. She doesn't eat when she's nervous. It makes her sick.

We eat in silence, the only noise being made is from our forks clanking on the plates. I notice Jaimie looking at Cam every few seconds. It must be odd seeing someone so similar looking as you. It must be odd seeing your child for the first time after 16 years.

After we're done eating, Jaimie stands up from the table. "Camryn, would you like to join me in the den for a talk, I'd really love if you would," Jaimie asks.

Cam looks to me, then back at her. Without a word, she stands up, silently agreeing. "I'll be back, only check on me if you hear screaming," Cam whispers in my ear. I can't help but laugh, but I don't know if I was supposed to. She was surely joking though, wasn't she?

They both exit the dining room and I'm left alone with Sam. He's looking at me weirdly so I sit up straight and stare back at him. I haven't had to use my intimidating look in a while, but this kid is asking for it.

"What'd you say your name was again?" He asks, crossing his arms.

"It's Colton," I answer. "How old did you say you were earlier?" I ask in return.

"Gonna be 18 soon, why do you want to know?"

"No reason," I say, but then the math starts kicking in. "Wait, what?"

Camryn's POV

Don't faint, Camryn whatever you do, don't faint. I repeat that to myself again and again as I follow Jaimie into the den. I ball my hands into fists at my side to stop me from shaking. The white walls in the hallways aren't helping with keeping me from fainting again. They're actually giving me a headache.

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