Chapter 15

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Colton's POV

My hands shake as I step through the hospital doors. It's extremely cold and the walls are all very white. It's slightly crowded and there's about four people at the front counter. So there's about four people in my way.

I push through them all and the lady at the front desk gives me a weird look. "Excuse me sir, you can't just cut the people in line," she says.

"Sutter," I say, ignoring her statement, "Camryn Sutter. She was just in an accident, please tell me she's here," I practically beg. I can hear the people behind me complain about me but I don't give a shit.

The lady eyes me up and down, then begins typing on her computer. "Yes, she was rushed into surgery as soon as she got here. Her parents are in the waiting room on the third floor," she says. I thank her quickly and rush to the elevator.

These hospital elevators are much larger than normal ones and I'm trapped in one with over 12 people. After a short ride to the third floor I push through the crowd to exit the elevator. There's another front desk and I'm about to ask the lady where the waiting room is, but I spot it myself. I quickly walk over to it and immediately see Camryn's parents.

Her mom is leaning on her dad's shoulder and I can't tell if she's crying, but he looks worried. My stomach turns. There's another couple in the room, but they're watching the tv.

I fake a cough and they all turn to me. "Colton?" her mom says, "What are you doing here?" She wipes her eyes and stands up, her husband doing the same.

"I was, um, worried... about Camryn." I'm not the best at telling people what I feel, but I know I have to try.

"Thank you," her mom chokes up. She steps forward and gives me a hug. I hesitate at first, but her affection is comforting. I hug her back and I can feel her crying again. She pulls away and turns back to her husband.

"How is she?" I ask quietly.

"It's, uh, pretty bad," her dad struggles. "She um, was rushed into surgery. We're just waiting for the doctors to tell us if she's okay."

"I'd like to wait with you, if you don't mind," I say.

"No, of course," her mom says. We all sit down in the waiting room chairs.

I grow more and more anxious by the minute. I need to know how she's doing. She has to be okay. I can't bare the thought of her not being okay. The longer I sit here, the more time I have to hate myself.

I check the time and it's 3:45 in the morning. It's getting later and later and still no news. After counting the 456 tiles on the ceiling, I check the time, another hour has passed. I look over at Cam's parents and her mom is asleep on her dad's shoulder. The other couple left a few hours ago after the doctor told them the lady's mother's foot surgery was a success.

I'm about to start pacing the room when a tall middle aged doctor walks in. I quickly stand from my seat and he eyes me up and down.

"Mr. and Mrs. Sutter," he says, looking past me. Her dad wakes up her mom and they both stand to meet the doctor.

"How's my daughter? How's Camryn?" Her mother asks worriedly.

"We can discuss your daughter's condition on the way to see her," he says, looking at me again. "Right this way," he says.

I start to follow, but the doctor stops me. "Family only," he says and I want to punch him in the face. Camryn's mom gives me a sympathetic look, but then continues to follow the doctor. I understand, I just don't like it.

I wait for what seems like another four fucking hours but it was probably only one. I turned my phone off around midnight because my dad wouldn't stop calling. It's sad that I'd rather be in a hospital than at home.

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