Chapter 60

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Camryn's POV

I open my window and allow the cool nights wind to brush against my cheeks. I step out onto my roof and look up at the sky. The moon is full and the sky looks darker than usual.

I take a deep breath before jumping over to the neighboring house's roof. The house with a brand new 'For Sale' sign planted in the front yard.

I jump, clenching the blue piece of paper that was given to me by a pretty blond nurse at the hospital. I know it's from him, I just haven't read it yet. I wanted to read it privately, with him.

I lay on my back and look up at the moon. It's not as bright as it used to be.

"It's been a week without you," I say out loud. I feel weird talking to myself, but I know I'm not. I'm not talking to myself, I'm talking to him. "It's been hell to say the least. I barely left the house on Thursday and that was to go get your things from school," I get out.

Everyone's staring at me. Everyone's staring at the girl who just lost her boyfriend. The girl who looks like she's going to explode at any moment. If they keep looking, I just might.

The only reason I'm here is to empty his locker, that's it. I didn't want the school to do it and that's why I got myself out of bed today.

Everyone stares while I walk down the hall. I reach his locker and use the combination I have memorized since the day I tried giving him a tour of the school. Before he yelled at me in this very hallway. He was so mean when we first met. I'd give anything for him to be able to be mean again.

I open the locker and am surprised by what I see. He has a picture of us hanging on the door. It's from when we were on my bed, just goofing around. He must have printed it without me knowing.

I take the picture down and stuff it in my back pocket. I notice everyone is still staring at me even though the bell for class already rang. It's making me uncomfortable.

"Camryn?" Someone says behind me. I turn and see Nova, but without her pack this time. I'm about to beg her to let me be for just a day when she pulls me in for a hug. "I'm so sorry, I have no idea what to say." She hugs me tightly and I stay still. She pulls away and says, "I know he hated me as much as you do, and I wanted to apologize for everything I said and did. He seemed like a great guy." I'm surprised by her words.

"He was," I speak for the first time in three days. She offers me a small smile and turns and walks away.

I turn back to his locker and pull out a jacket. It's his leather jacket. His favorite and mine. I bring it to my nose and am surrounded by his scent. It smells just like him. It smells like he isn't gone. He can't be gone.

I hug his jacket and begin to sob quietly in the middle of this crowded hall. I just can't believe he's actually gone.

I continue to cry as everyone finally rushes to their classes.

"I try to keep it smelling like you," I say to the sky. "I cheat by spraying your cologne on it," I admit. It's not the same but it's the only way I can get myself to sleep at night. I don't tell him that because I don't want him to worry about me. Is he worrying about me? Can he?

"Friday was your funeral. You would've hated it, I know I sure did and for more reasons than one."

You have to do it Cam, I tell myself as I sit in my car in the parking lot of the cemetery. He was your boyfriend, the love of your life, that's reason enough to be at his service, or is it reason enough not to be?

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