Chapter 22

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Colton's POV

I make my way to my window and pull back my curtain to find Camryn on the other side, tears streaming down her face.

I quickly push open my window and pull her into my arms without question, but she doesn't move to come inside.

"Camryn, what's wrong? Tell me," I ask, stepping onto the roof, then pulling her into my arms again.

"You were right," she sobs into my chest, "everything you said, you were right."

She's confusing me and I just want her to stop crying, it's heartbreaking seeing her hurt like this.

"Right about what? Cam, talk to me," I plea. She continues to sob as she pulls away from me.

"You were right about forevers. They don't last, no exceptions,"she cries, "It didn't last with my parents and it won't last with me and my real mom." She yanks off her necklace and then covers her face with her hands and sobs.

I pull her hands away, "Camryn, where is this coming from? What are you talking about?"

"My dad... cheated... on my... mom," she breathes. I feel my mouth fall open, even I'm shocked. Cam looked at her parents as having the best relationship ever. She always mentioned how they were so in love. Now this devastating news of adultery is forcing her to think loving someone forever doesn't exist. I can't let her think like that, I can't have her give up hope.

"Camryn, I was talking out of my ass when I said that shit," I say, pulling her into my arms. "Don't listen to me, just because your dad made a shitty mistake, doesn't mean your real parents won't love you until the day that they die."

She keeps crying and I'm struggling to find something to tell her to get her to stop hurting. Then it hits me like a ton of bricks. Why don't I start telling the truth? Why don't I stop acting like a little bitch and man up and tell her how I feel. I've never told anyone this before and I hope Camryn believes me.

"Camryn look at me," I say, holding her face in my hands. She hesitates, but then obeys and looks me in the eyes. I wipe away her tears with my thumbs and take a deep breath.

"When we were talking up here, in this same exact spot that night I told you there's no such thing as forevers, I didn't know what I was talking about. At the time, that's what I believed, but that was because of my own fucked up lifestyle. But Cam, the more time I spent with you, the more time I spent contemplating my thoughts on forevers. I know my feelings may seem unstable to you, but to me, they couldn't be more set in stone. Camryn, I love you, and I can see myself loving you forever, and I need you to know that I'm speaking the truth. So if you think for one second that there's no such thing as forevers, I will be more than happy to spend the rest of my life proving you wrong because I love you, Camryn Sutter, with all of my fucked up heart."

I did it. I finally said what's been on my mind since the first day I met this beautiful girl. But she's not saying anything.

She's staring at me in shock. Shit. I scared her. But she did stop crying.

"Say something," I whisper. I can feel my heart breaking more and more every second she stays quiet.

"Colton, I thought you... just this morning you.. what?" she's confused, but can I blame her.

"I can explain what happened this morning, but please, just say something," I beg. I'm dying here.

"Colton, if you're just saying this to..."

"I would never lie about this, Camryn," I interrupt her.

"Are you sure?" She whispers, her lips starting to shake.

"I'm positive," I assure her. I still have her face in my hands as she leans forward and presses her lips against mine.

"I love you, Colton," she smiles, despite the tears rolling down her face again. I feel my heart swell at the sound of those words. Never in my life has someone told me they loved me and I believe it. But I do believe it. I believe that this beautiful girl loves me despite my brokenness. The happiness that I feel in this moment is greater than anything I've ever felt, and it's all thanks to Camryn.

"Now please, tell me everything that happened."

Camryn's POV

I'm dreaming again. I've gotten into another accident and I'm in a coma. That is the only logical explanation for the events that have taken place in the last hour.

After my mom picked me up from school, we were supposed to go see my grandparents, but my mom had work to do. When we got home, my mom found my dad in their bed with another woman. She went hysterical and so did I. I couldn't even look my dad in the eyes as I ran upstairs to my room.

They were arguing for an hour while I was sobbing my eyes out before Colton finally got home. I was still extremely pissed about this morning but I needed someone desperately and he's the only person I wanted.

Coming to him was the best decision of my life because here he is, right in front of me, expressing his love for me. Him saying that he loves me was all it took for me to realize I feel the exact same way.

"I love you, Colton," I say, pulling away from a kiss I initiated after he convinced me he was telling the truth.

"Now please, tell me everything that happened," he says. I explain what me and my mom came home to, and he holds me as I begin to cry again.

"He said it's been going on for a year and he blames it on stress," I cry.

"He's an idiot, Camryn, everything will be okay," he tries to comfort me. I want to snap and ask how he thinks it could be okay, but he's just trying to help.

I came to him crying about forevers and when we talked up on this roof, he said my parents wouldn't last, and he was right. But he also said my real parents love would last forever, and what if he's right about that?

"What are you thinking about Camryn?" he asks, waving his hand in front of my blank face. I snap back into reality and look at him.

"I want to find my real parents."

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