Chapter 20

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Colton's POV

I wake up a few minutes before Camryn's alarm goes off. Is she sure she wants to go back to school today? I just want her to be completely sure that she's healthy. Ever since that first night she came back, I was so rough with her and she woke up in so much pain. I've been so scared to touch her since then.

I can sense that she feels uneasy about how I've been acting towards her, but I'm just trying to protect her. That's all I want to do.

I sit up and face Camryn still sleeping. She looks so beautiful and so peaceful. How did I get so lucky? What the hell did I do in my past life to be able to call this girl mine? She's perfect.

I decide to get up and start getting ready, but I've run out of clean clothes I've been keeping in one of Cam's drawers. The last time I went home was last week to pack a bag while my dad was a work. I've been spending my days with Cam and her parents, and when I left, I just made my way to her backyard and climbed up to her window on the side of the house.

If I quickly jump into my room and grab a few more things, I should be fine. I stand up from the bed and open the window. I climb out onto the roof, barefoot and only in boxers, and jump over to my house.

I lift open my window and can't see anything, my room is pitch black. I climb in and try to make my way to the light switch but I keep stepping on a bunch of shit. I reach the light and turn it on. After my eyes adjust, I see that my room has been trashed.

My clothes are all over the floor. Everything from my desk is scattered everywhere and my drawers are pulled out of my dressers. It looks like I've been robbed, but nothing's missing.

Then I hear movement coming from my bed. I turn around to find my father sitting up in my bed.

"And where the fuck have you been?" he slurs. The stench of liquor fills the space between us. I'm frozen. It's 5am and he's still drunk from the night before.

I stand still and don't say a word.

"I asked you a question," he says, standing up from the bed. I take a few steps back towards the window. I want to jump out the window, but something tells me I don't have a chance. "Answer me!" he booms.

I flinch and he takes three quick steps towards me. He's staring at me, waiting for my answer.

"I was..." before I even finish my sentence, he punches me square in my jaw. Here we go.

I fall to the floor as his foot connects to my stomach. My breath is knocked out of me and I can't get up.

"Did you feel tough fighting your old man the other day?" he asks, taking off his pants belt. He passed out in his work clothes, he has a weapon.

I try to push my self up off the floor, but before any progress is made, he whips me across my bare back. I groan in complete agony as the sting courses through me. He strikes me again on my legs then again on my back.

I get myself propped up on my elbows, just for him to kick me in my stomach again. I fall on my side and then onto my back. He strikes me with his belt across my chest once... twice... three times before I cry out in total misery.

"Oh shut up and take this beating like a man Colton," he spits. I take in shallow breaths through my teeth and try to pull myself together. "You're the one who asked for this."

"No, I didn't," I say breathlessly.

"So he does speak," he says, sounding shocked. "Now tell me where you've been." Before I can feed him a lie, there's a knock on my window.

"Colton, are you in there?" It's Cam. Fuck. I hope she didn't hear any of this.

"So you've been with the whore," my dad hums. "Get rid of her." He throws a shirt at my face for me to put on and cover my wounds. He then steps out into the hallway.

"Colton!" Cam knocks louder, getting anxious. I have to get rid of her, I can't have my dad having anything to do with her.

I make my way to my window and lift it open.

"Oh my god, you had me so worried!" She breathes, pulling into a hug through the window. Her hand grazes my back and I try not to flinch. She's not in her pajamas, she's already dressed for school. How long have I been here.

"Cam, I think you should go without me," I tell her.

"No come on, let's just go," she begs. "Didn't you just come here to get dressed?" she asks. "You took so long you had me worried."

"Camryn just go," I say sternly.

"No Colton, not without you." Why is she so fucking stubborn. I know if she doesn't leave soon my dad will come walking back into this room.

"Fuck Camryn just leave me alone, go on without me," I say harshly. The way her face falls makes me want to burst into apologies, but if I do, she'll never leave.

"I knew it," she says, tears brimming her eyes. "I knew you'd return to your old self, it was all just to good to be true." I begin to hear my dad's footsteps. She has to go.

"Yeah I guess it was, now leave Camryn." I shut the window on her crying and close the curtain. I can feel my father's presence behind me.

"Must be nice having someone in this world care for you," he says blandly. "Now I don't want you seeing her anymore, you got that?"

I don't turn around to face him. I stay still, staring at the curtain.

"I said do you got that!" he yells. I flinch.

"Yeah, I got it," I whisper.

Whatever heartbreak Camryn is feeling right now, I can promise her I'm feeling it a million times worse.

"Now get your ass to school, they won't stop calling." With that, my dad exits my room. I hear his door shut moments later.

How am I supposed to go to school and face Camryn.

Camryn's POV

It's back. All that heartache I felt before I got into my accident, before Colton made me feel like the only girl that mattered in the world, before he admitted his feelings. All the pain and hurt is back. This pain is worse than any pain my accident caused.

How could he do this to me? Does he think of this as some sort of a game. He plays with my emotions as if they're a fucking toy!

This morning I woke up thinking he was just getting ready at his place because I noticed he ran out of clothes here, but no, he was just trying to get away from me. I knew that as soon as we'd have to be seen in public together, he would hate me again. Why did I ever forgive him? I should know by now that he doesn't care about me. Now I have to wake up my mom to give me a ride.

How am I supposed to go to school and face Colton?

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