Chapter 55

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Colton's POV

"Where does your mom think we were last night?" I ask Cam as I climb into her bed next to her. When we got back to her house this afternoon, her mom had already left for work. She just came in a few moments ago to tell Cam goodnight as I hid in the closet. I haven't been home for a while, but tomorrow after school I think I'm going to have to face my father.

"I told her I was visiting Aimee, I didn't tell her I was going to be with you, I didn't want her to worry," she says, laying her head against the pillow as she looks at me. I can tell she's tired, I don't think she got much sleep in the hotel.

"What would she have to worry about?" I ask with a small laugh.

"I don't know, becoming a grandma at the age of 38," she laughs.

"Oh," I laugh nervously. I never realized until now, but I'm not too comfortable with anyone knowing what happens between me and Camryn behind closed doors, especially her mother.

Cam stays smiling at me and says, "I love you." She leans forward and places a soft kiss on my lips. Her lips are soft and taste like cherry Chapstick. Instead of replying, I take her face gently into hands and pull her back to me.

I can't remember the last time we kissed this passionately. I feel like we've been so distant emotionally, but I think that after this weekend things are going to go back to normal, or even better.

"I think things are really looking up for us Miss Sutter," I whisper as I pull away to kiss her forehead.

"I think so too," she smiles. "I'm really happy we did this. I feel... complete. I know the truth now, well most of it, and that's all I ever wanted." She curls up into a little ball at my side and I can soon hear her quiet snores. I knew she was exhausted.

"I love you too," I whisper back before falling asleep next to her.


The sound of Camryn's alarm makes me groan as I reach for her phone to shut it off. I look over at Cam's peaceful face in the dark and pull her tightly against my body. She's so warm and cozy, I don't want to get up for school, but I already missed a week, I don't think I can afford to miss another day.

"Camryn," I whisper trying to gently wake her. "Baby it's time to get up." She groans and turns her head away from me. I laugh and shake her again. "Come on, wake up!" I climb on top of her and dig my face into her neck, gently biting and kissing.

She wiggles underneath me, half laughing, half whining, "Okay okay! I'm up." I roll off of her and smile triumphantly. She kisses me on my cheek before making her way to her bathroom to get ready.

"You look cute," I tell her after she's finished getting dressed. She's wearing one of my gray hoodies and it has never looked so good.

"Thank you," she smiles. We make our way downstairs and outside to her car.

"I miss my bike," I pout, looking over at my precious motorcycle in my driveway.

"Too bad, that thing is dangerous and it freaks me out whenever you ride it," Cam says as she tosses me her keys. I know it scares her, but I love my bike.

I get into the drivers seat and start the car. We're at the school within minutes and I kiss Cam goodbye before we set off to our different classes.

She catches me up on all the work I missed in anatomy and I make sure to meet her by her history class at lunch.

We sit at the only open table in the cafeteria and I dig into my hamburger. I look around and notice multiple groups of people staring at me. "What are they looking at," I ask Cam.

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