Chapter 45

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Camryn's POV

"Cam? Camryn you okay?"

I look up to see a worried look on Nathan's face. I look around me and realize that I'm in my math class.

"You zoned out on me, everything alright?" He asks.

"Yea, just tired coming back from break," I lie. Nothing is okay. I haven't slept in days and I'm not even sure I should be at school right now.

This thanksgiving break was anything but relaxing. Leading up to the break, Colton was arrested, I found out he's been arrested a total of three times, his mom came back into his life, and his dad went further than ever before with his abuse. All in one day, The Worst Day. And in a non-Colton related subject, I decided I was going to see my birth parents during the break. That didn't happen.

12 hours after The Worst Day
"Colton, you can't be serious, why are you going back there?" I say as Colton gets up to go home. It's early in the morning, too early for Colton to go anywhere, especially home.

"Camryn I.. I just have to, you don't get it," he says, walking towards my bedroom door. I scramble off of my bed to reach him.

"I'm not letting you go just for you to get hurt," I tell him, pulling him away from the door. I can't understand why he'd ever want to go back there after yesterday.

"Let me go Camryn," he says sternly, trying to break free from my hold without using too much force.

"If you go back there, I'm calling the cops on your father, something I should've done that first night you came in here covered in blood!" I say and his eyes go wide. I know the reason he doesn't want to involve the cops is because he might be thrown in the system. Neither of us want that to happen.

"Jesus Camryn I'm not going home!" He blurts. What? I have a confused look on my face as I let go of his arm. Then why is he trying to leave so early? "I'm meeting my mom to talk, without you."

"Okay Camryn, I think you should go to the nurse or something, you don't look too hot," Nathan says, bringing me back to focus.

"I'm sorry, I'm just-"


"Yeah," I say. The bell rings and it makes me jump a little.

"Don't worry about the project, Cam, just try and get some rest when you get home," Nathan says as we walk out of class. I give him a reassuring nod and start walking to my next class.

Walking into anatomy, I can't help but notice Colton's empty chair. I almost break down at the sight of it.

4 days after The Worst Day
"Jesus Christ Colton, pick up your damn phone!" I shout frustratedly into my phone, leaving Colton a voicemail for the thousandth time. I end the call and call back again, just to leave another message. "Can you please just call me back, I'm worried, I love you." I hang up again.

That's been the routine for the last three days. Leave an angry voicemail, then two calm ones. I haven't seen or heard from Colton since he left to see Madeleine without me. I haven't slept since Colton left to see her. I haven't eaten.

Every time he doesn't answer his phone, every time I reach his stupid voicemail, my heart aches and my stomach clenches. I call every three minutes.

"Camryn, can I see your review questions?" Arko asks in his thick accent. I takes me a moment to realize what he's talking about. The questions, the ones that we were supposed to do over break. The ones that never crossed my mind this past week.

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