Ch43. The battle pt3 (finale)

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Taurus's P.O.V

"Pisces?" I croaked

Pisces was on the floor, her shirt drenched in blood and a gaping hole in the centre.

I was mortified.

And that's when it started. I felt myself getting unusually hot and dizzy, my breathing began to pace up to a sort of pant, my heart started racing and I'm pretty sure I was sweating.

Is this a panic attack?

"Taurus are you alright?" Cancer asked stepping towards me
"How do you expect me to be alright?!?!" I snapped
They all began to calm me but I blocked them out, I was on the point of breaking...  I tried to bottle up my emotions like I was only one way away from exploding

And I did...

I couldn't take it anymore...

So I screamed.

The buildings began to fall from what I could see for miles, the plants began to die and the earth began to shake as I continued to scream. The whole stretch of field became clotted with dust and smoke but this was only the beginning.

No ones P.O.V

Sagittarius and Gemini were in the south east of the field when they saw Taurus snap.
"Oh my god, gem, we have to go check it out" Sagittarius exclaimed and began to run over but stopped when he realised Gemini wasn't following him
"Sagittarius..." she stuttered causing him to turn around
Gemini's hand was slowly fading away from existence and she began to fall, Sagittarius rushed over catching her in his arms
"Am I gonna die?" She whispered in fear, tears running down her face, he just looked at her without saying a word but she knew from the look in his eyes that it was inevitable regardless he took her hands in his and kissed them gently, shutting his eyes  tightly and when he opened them, she was gone.

A few moments later Scorpio ran over to Sagittarius when he noticed he wasn't near the grieving Taurus.
"Sagittarius, your leg" Scorpio stated pointing to Sagittarius's fading leg
"I know" he claimed "I didn't want to worry Gemini"
"Oh no.." Scorpio muttered and fell to the floor realising Gemini had vanished
"Scorpio you have to lead them, I'm not gonna be around anymore" he laughed sadly
"I can't do what you do, Tari" Scorpio sniffled
"Your gonna have to" Sagittarius smiled weakly "I believe in you" before fading away completely, leaving Scorpio alone and distraught.


Virgo and Capricorn saw what happened from a far  and knew they were next. They both started to fade relatively at the same time
"We go together" Virgo trembled
holding out her hand for Capricorn to take, he nodding grasping her hand and giving it a quick squeeze and when they closed there eyes they disappeared.

Libra had gone to check if what had happened to her friends had happening to Leo and when she spotted him she let out a sigh of relief~ that was, until, she saw him fading as well.
"No, no, no" she sobbed placing his head on her lap "not you too"
"It's ok, I'm not scared anymore" he reassured her but that didn't stop Libra from feeling sick to her stomach, she cubbed his face with her hands and planted a soft kiss on his lips before he too had vanished.
She broke into tears until she felt a hand on her shoulder, she turned around to see Aries, soon after Scorpio and cancer came to join them
"Taurus is gone" cancer explained, wiping away a tear "he vanished in a flash of light"
"So this is it" Aries said without a certain emotion

"The apocalypse"

End of book! We've come so far...
the sequel will be out in a few days, it's called radioactive so get check it out if you wanna know what happens next.
I said this before but thank you all for reading, voting and commenting! See you guys soon! 💕


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