Ch38. Dinner with the devil

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Libra P.O.V

Oh no, oh no no no... Aries and Aquarius are gone! Vanished! And if you haven't noticed I'm sorta freaking out, I mean, this is all my fault for taking them out! Gemini, Capricorn and Leo who coincidentally happened to be at the mall are also extremely anxious. When we arrived home we saw the rest of the team staring back at us
"Aries and Aquarius are gone!" I blurted out
"We know" Virgo answered wafting an invitation in the air then hands it over to me

Dear Sagittarius,

You, cancer, Scorpio and Libra are
  here By invited to a dinner at our mansion
At five o'clock
If you ever want to see Aries again


P.s. make sure to dress nicely

I frown as I read, knowing we don't have any other choice
"Aw, look at this" cancer began "the old gang back together again"
I rolled my eyes at her remark and head upstairs to see what I have in my wardrobe

My dress:

Cancer's dress:

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Cancer's dress:

After we got ready we headed for the door "Virgo! Your in charge!" Sagittarius called out before closing the door so we can climb into the car

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After we got ready we headed for the door
"Virgo! Your in charge!" Sagittarius called out before closing the door so we can climb into the car.

Aquarius P.O.V

So I've been dragged to a family dinner... great and apparently We have guests... fun.
Ophiuchus stupidly undaggered Cepheus who has been in a box for 1400 years so I don't think he'll be so willing to join the Johnson family take over, this will be one hell of a night.
I was running a little late so everyone was all ready there, I push the lavish doors open to see the core four looking at me in confusment and betrayal... I'm in deep shit now...
"We thought you were kidnapped!" Exclaimed Libra angrily
"I feel as though I have..." I muttered to myself while throwing myself onto my seat
"Now, now, little brother, don't be dramatic" ophiuchus grinned
I felt the anger boil up inside me as I gritted my teeth and nodded stiffly in sarcasm. I turn around to see all my siblings either sipping their wine or waiting for ophiuchus to begin his plan or as I call it his trap, Cepheus looks surprisingly calm with all the events taking place and seems to be adjusting to this new century.
"Why are we here?" Scorpio asked what seemed to be on most of our minds
"I thought we could all use a little chit-chat" he grinned, oh boy...
"Oh for gods sake!" I whined and began to make my way to the door but try as I might the door won't bloody budge
"What have you done?" I demanded walking up to him
"Sit. Down." He said pushing my onto the chair by my shoulders like a child being scorned by its mother "be quiet or would you like a date with the dagger?"
I shut up for a moment not wanting to have to experience that again
"Wow, I see nothing has changed, cousin" Cepheus scoffed "you still punish us with daggers"
"You tell him, Cepheus" I encouraged taking a bite of my bread while our guests shift uncomfortably in there seats
"Oh, be quiet!" He turns to me in annoyance
They treat my like a freaken kid and quite frankly I'm tired of it, Cepheus and ophiuchus continue to argue until castor steps in
"Enough! behave yourselves, all of you before I take matters into my own hands and trust me it will get messy" castor yelled "we have guests, treat them with the utmost respect"
"Thank you,  hot original but can we get on with the whole.. dilemma.." cancer stated

Cancer P.O.V

Welcome to another episode of dinner with the devil, today carrot top, darling, little sister and the best person to ever roam the earth are having dinner with the deranged original family: big bad original, baby sociopathic original, hot original, hot original the second model, bitchy original, traitorous original and now introducing judgy original, read on to find out more!

I really wish they could just get to the point, screw family reunions and I only have two other members in mine... It's complicated....
"I need something from you and only then will I set the red head free" ophiuchus admitted finally but there is no way are we ever giving dick face anything he wants, no, not happening.
"Not a chance in hell" I shouted banging my hand onto the table causing Scorpio's glass to fall over
"Hey! How you like it if I banged you on the table!" He said causing me to smirk
"That came out wrong..." he added as i heard Aquarius snigger
"Ah yes, I remember when I banged cancer and Libra" ophiuchus commented while Libra chocked on her drink
"Ah yes and I remember when I did the same to Sagittarius" Orion smiled as Sagittarius was the one now chocking "shall we talk about the dreaded past?"
"Ugh, it's all about heartbreak and death, GET OVER IT people die all the time and as for heartbreak, nothing's new" Aquarius spoke up
"Be quiet, Aquarius!" Orion Repeated
"Yeah, bE QuIeT, aQuArIuS! You naughty boi!" Pollux grinned which Aquarius retorted in throwing bits of his food at him once again to be scolded by castor.
"I'm am truly sorry I slept with cancer when I was in a relationship with you" ophiuchus apologised to my sister sincerely
"Why did you?" She asked quietly
"I pissed of a witch" he began "like you do" we all turn to Sagittarius who stares at the floor "she had control over all my actions making my life a misery, she made my compel you cancer"
I gulped now knowing I didn't sleep with him willingly and I was rather relieved with the matter~ Scorpio can't hate me anymore.
"What witch is powerful enough to control an original?!?!" Scorpio questioned in disbelief
"The one who made us this way, my mother" he revealed And all of our jaws dropped, isn't she dead?
"" Cassiopeia stuttered
"You heard me, our mother is alive" he reassured her
"Bullshit" Aquarius accused and began to storm up the stairs
"Get down now!" Castor yelled upwards and he wonders why I call him baby original

After half an hour, The original siblings all go upstairs except ophiuchus and Orion
"What do you want?" Sagittarius sighed
"One of Aries's personal items" he replied, tar-tar nodded and we all get into the car
"We really gonna give him what he wants?" I asked
"In a way, yes" Sagittarius smiled "we're starting the war..."

Nope I'm not dead, finally finished, finally ready for some action, let's go! Sorry if it seems rushed.
Hope you enjoyed and the question of the day isss......

Will their mother return?!???

That's all folks, until next time


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