Ch13. 'You know who'

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Sagittarius P.O.V

I was in my house.The house from 1871. I was wandering through the hallways, reliving the same lingering smells, sounds and feelings, it was England were I and my master who I thought my closest friend....and his cousin, my first love, originated. The house was completely empty, there was no furniture nor objects, only the clotted dust in the corner and the marks were those possession once were.
There was nothing but a chilling silence- then the door swung open and the person who stood before me was one whom I haven't seen in a century, he had shaggy brown hair and emerald eyes, who was taller than my but not by much and a dangerous smile formed on his lips that every girl went crazy about but then his face dropped when he saw me
"This is all your fault Sagittarius" he said emotionlessly "all those people and Orion wouldn't of died if it wasn't for you"
He came at me, trying to to kill me, then...

I woke up

I was breathing heavily, sweat dropping down my for head as I ran my hand through my hair. I couldn't sleep after that, I had to tell them, it was a warning.

In the morning...

"I have called your here today- wait. Where's cancer?!?" I said
"I'll call her" Libra commented as she took out her phone and searched for cancers number

Cancer: ugh, what do you want! I'm in the middle of my breakfast!

Libra: Sagittarius needs to talk to us all

Cancer: I have no interest in what carrot top, the teenage witch has to say

"It's about 'you know who'" I admit
The people whom I share my past with stare at me with wide eyes

Libra: cancer, it about 'him'

Cancer: ok, I'm on my way

Then she hung up, moments later cancer turned up.
"So, why are you talking about that backstabbing wanker? " she asked
"I had a vision about him, like some sort of warning" I replied
"Who is this person anyway?" Leo questions


This is the shortest chapter yet, hope you liked it! Left it on a cliff hanger.. sorta.


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