Ch29. Temper tantrum

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England, 1915

"The war in our favour, brother" castor said to ophiuchus placing a hand on his shoulder
"Who cares? Gut them all" Aquarius chimed in walking past to slump in a chair
"We all need to play our part, Aquarius" castor reminded
"Fine, I'll go on an all-German diet" aqua smiled triumphantly
Castor just rolled his eyes and turned his attention back onto ophiuchus
"Are you ok?" Castor asked concerned
"He's still hung up on the girl he met" Aquarius sneered "that was in 1872, mate, get over it"
"You better watch what you say, little brother because there's a coffin downstairs with your name on it" ophiuchus yelled in anger, pointing a dagger towards Aquarius' heart
"Do it then, do to me what you have done to Cassie and Cepheus and Pollux and even Orion" Aquarius spoke shortly before ophiuchus jabbed a dagger through His heart
"I guess it's just you and me brother" castor sighed
"I guess so" ophiuchus replied then looked at Aquarius "I'll release you soon brother but for now I hope you enjoy your own personal hell"

Gemini P.O.V

"Come on, ophiuchus' mansion  is this way" Libra called
"May I remind you that we're not all vampires and this hill makes me want to faint" I panted
"I told you to wait in the car" she said
"Well I thought we were going the front way!" I exclaimed
We climbed the hill a little further until we reached the top, overlooking ophiuchus' mansion. Then we got to the doorstep, all 9 of us (Taurus and Leo decided to stay due to My brother getting used to being a hybrid~that is still strange to me and ophiuchus wanting to use Taurus) now that I think of it, why was there so many of us?
"Me and Tari will go in" Libra stated, god I miss Sagittarius- that stupid bitch Orion will pay.
"Me too" cancer said "I've had enough of Wolfe and v-card-Virgo making eyes at each other"
Virgo and Capricorn both blushed-Awww.
"don't they hate you?" Scorpio asked
"Please, hot original loves me" she convinced herself
"It doesn't matter your staying the hell out here" Libra argued then walked in with Sagittarius behind her
"I'm staying here because I want to" cancer muttered to herself. After five minutes there was no sign of Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius
"If I punch myself in the face and it hurts does that make me strong or weak?" Capricorn asked
"Strong" Virgo told him
"Weak" I said truthfully because he's a weakling
"Stupid" cancer moaned "it makes you an idiot, Capri-sun"
"I can't take anymore!" Aries yelled barging the door down
"Aries wait~" I pleaded but it was to late, she had already done it and we walked in on them all arguing
"What the hell is going on here?" Shouted Aries "has Aquarius gone mad?"
"Guys, I'm fine, really" Aquarius smiled
Coincidently, the news interrupted orions trashy fashion programme.
News reporter: we interrupted your program because 68 bodies have been found drained of blood and have bite marks that have been presumed to be an animal attack, update coming soon.
"Well that's unfortunate timing..." Aquarius sighed
"Explain! Now!" Aries interrogated
"Relax, love, everything is under control" Aquarius tried to assure her
"Aw, is this your gwirl fwend?" Ophiuchus asked in a baby voice, god what an annoying person... uh, I mean vampire
"Ophiuchus, shut the fuck up before I chop you in little pieces and feed you to the ducks" Aquarius scorned him
"Well that's not weird..." I commented
"Are we needed here? I feel like we're just getting in the way" Virgo told me and Pisces while the others kept arguing
"We should totally go out tonight" Pisces exclaimed and we left, though truth being told I don't think they noticed.

Aries P.O.V

I am pissed at Aquarius! How can he do this to himself!
"Have you turned your humanity off!" I yelled at him
"Your being ridiculous!" He argued
"You tell her Aquarius" ophiuchus joked
"You can shut the hell up!" Aquarius yelled pointing a finger at him, I've never seen him like this before...
"I mean I could dagger you" ophiuchus grinned
"Your dagger threats are getting pretty pathetic now" Aquarius snarled
"Everyone stop fighting!" Castor shouted over everyone and In return got complete silence
"Hot original!" Cancer squealed
"Aquarius your behaviour is getting out of hand" castor said
"Your all a bunch of dicks" Aquarius yelled vamp-speeding to his room and slamming the door shut
"He's like a child with a tantrum" castor admitted not looking away from were Aquarius went. Something is seriously wrong....

Hope you enjoyed! I personally like this version of Aquarius, he's interesting.... and the question of the day issssssss....
What's wrong with Aquarius?!?!? Or is he just being the same little shit he's always been, anyway hope your having fun in quarantine- I feel like I'm in hell.


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