Ch18. Cell-mates

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1 week later

Cancer P.O.V

I awoke to find a boy staring blankly at me
"Hi" he smiled sarcastically
"Ugh, where the hell am I?" I moan "ugh where's Orion? that snidey bitch"
"Relax, you've been here for a week" he commented
A week! No, no , no, my sister needs me! She's probably eaten half the town!
"I've tried but it's no use, I have no control over my powers or how to turn them on" he said while kicking the bar
"Ahhhh so your the famous Taurus" I realise
"How do you know who I am?" He asks in shock
"Friends of family" I smirk "I'm cancer by the way, cancer Keene"
"As in Libra" he questions
"My little sister" I reassured him
He sits down and slumps against the wall
"So... why are you here?" He tries to start a conversation
"My sisters crazy ex and ex-best friend have took my blood, now I don't know why they want it but knowing ophiuchus it's bad." I spoke
"Are you a vampire too?" He asks
"Yep" I stated "and your a magical miracle teen"
I got Up from the ground and pressed my head against the bars
"YO Ophiuchus! you little shit! Let us go or so help me I will rip out your throat!" I yell
A guard came down with a stern look on his face "boss says be quite" he complained
"Does it look like we care what your precious 'boss' says" Taurus argued
I was bored and Taurus was bored so why not whined up this guy
"What's your name? Kevin? Bob? Carl? Let's go with carl" I smile "so Carl, how did you land into ophiuchus sinister hands?"
"Shut up" Carl spat
"You hear that cancer? He wants us to shut up" Taurus commented
"Yeah well, I've never been one to do what I am told" I added
"If your gonna keep us captive could we at least have a bottle of wine?" I ask "do you like wine, Taurus?"
"Absolutely" He smiled "can you get us wine, Carl?"
"Can You little twerps shut up?!?" Groaned Carl
"I don't think we can" I grinned

After an hour Carl had left us and we somehow started to talk about school god knows why
"Does mrs Fleming still work there?" I ask
"Unfortunately, she gave me a detention for dropping my pencil!" He answered
"Ugh, she was always a wicked old bat" I laugh "me and someone called Jim once superglued all her objects to her desk"
"is Jim your boyfriend?" He smirked
"No, just a former fling, I haven't really cared for someone that way since- never mind" I smile "how about you? Any special lady?"
He paused for a moment deciding wether or not to tell me
"There is this one girl, Pisces" he states
"Ahhh, the mermaid" I smirk "she did seem quite worried about you when went missing"
"Yeah well, I've never been one to talk about my feelings" he smiled weakly
"Same here my dear Taurus, same here" I admit
Taurus got up from his seat and walked to the bars
"CARLLLLL" he begins
Carl struts down in anger and then pulls an annoyed face
"My name isn't Carl it's mark" he huffs
"Details, details" I say "so Carl, me and my good friend Taurus are starving so if you would kindly go get us some food"
Carl sighed and then went to go get us some food, I smiled to myself knowing that I got what I want. A few moments later he came back with a pot of gloop for Taurus and a vile of blood for me
"Ugh what is this? Gruel?" Taurus complained while sticking his spoon into it then letting it fall, I shrug then take a sip of blood then I spit it all out onto the floor
"Ew, what is this animal blood? You heathen" I moaned, it was truly disgusting! How does Libra drink this stuff?
"What's your problem, Carl?" Taurus sulks
"Yeah Carl" I repeat
"I regret my life choices" Carl mumbles then walks off
"Dick" Taurus moans
"I know right" I say with equal disgust

Short chapter. Hope you liked it! This is has probably been my most favourite chapter to write 😂


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