Ch42. The battle pt2

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Libra's P.O.V

Things we're going as good as they could, Pisces and I took out as many vampires, werewolves and witches as we could. A male vampire threw himself at me which I successfully killed but when I looked at Pisces I was in complete horror with what I saw. A female werewolf with a sliver dagger aimed it at Pisces heart and as it pierced her flesh, she twisted the blade in her hands while sinking it in deeper and deeper. I was paralysed. My mind was screaming but no sound managed to escape my lips while I heard the sounds of Pisces's muscles and nerves being gouged grew louder and louder until the metal had disappeared inside her leaving only the handle.

The werewolf ran off leaving a lifeless Pisces on the floor. I rushed over to her, holding her in my arms as she whimpered
"I can't heal you" I sobbed "your mermaid side won't allow it"
She nodded slowly as a few tears rolled down her face and within seconds she was dead.
I picked her and vamp- speeded into the woods. I laid her down and hugged my knees, burying my head in them which muffled the sound of my crying. A bright blinding light shone and the wind began to howl, I crawled over to her corpse and clung onto it for dear life.

As the light began to fade there stood the infamous red door but it was in the middle of the woods so where possibly could it take you?
"I can save your friend" a bone-chilling whisper called out I sat there in bewilderment I immediately got up and gripped the handle but then I stopped myself remembering Taurus's warnings
"Open the door and I will resurrect your friend" it called out again
"I can't! No one can change the past!" I cried
"I can" the whisper claimed
As I sat there considering my options I realised as much as I want to resurrect her I can't for the fate of humanity. It's impossible to save her
"Pisces wouldn't want me too! She puts everyone before herself and I must not open the door and help my friends save the world in honour of Pisces!" I yelled at it and took of, Pisces in my arms. The war isn't over yet.

I walked onto the battlefield with my fallen friend in my arms. They all were fighting so valiantly.
Cancer and Capricorn were the first to notice us and they came rushing over, Capricorn took Pisces out my arms while cancer cradled me in hers as I gradually broke sinking into them
"I couldn't save her" I sobbed as cancer hugged me tighter, planting a kiss on the top of my head
"Shh, shh, your safe, it's gonna be ok" she said softly and yes, I do believe I am safe but I'm definitely not ok. Everything around seemed to fade away as I bursted into a fit of sobs until I heard the heart- breaking tremble of Taurus's voice.


That broke my heart to wright!!!!! But I must for the sake of the plot.
I can't believe I've only got one chapter left and I am so incredibly grateful for all of you who read my book 💕


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