Ch23. Miami

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Sagittarius P.O.V

"This place is beautiful!" Exclaimed Pisces
"Yes it is but remember why we are here, to find Libra" I said
Since I can't be with my girlfriend because of my crazy ex, she and Virgo went off to book a hotel for us all.
"Right we need to split up so Aries and Capricorn, Pisces and Taurus, cancer and Leo and Aquarius, me and Scorpio" I decided "that ok with everyone?"
"Actually~" cancer began
"Good, let's go" I cut her off

Me and Scorpio decided to check the bars since that's were she has been before.
"God, how many times has Libra gone of the rails" Scorpio asked
"Too many times" I laughed "Do you think it's some kind of disorder?"
"I don't know, I mean, it's possible" He replied "I'll look into it"
We search the bar but there was no sign of Libra, let's see if the others have more luck.....

Pisces P.O.V

"You ever been Miami before?" I ask Taurus
"Actually I've never been on holiday before" he admitted
"Oh, me neither, I mean I do live in the ocean but it's hard to tell which country your near" I replied to him
We stopped our stroll by Taurus stopping at some sort of shop
"We should get ice cream! There's 100 hundred flavours!" Taurus smiled
"Ice cream?" I asked confused
"It's great, come on" he claimed and took me by the hand, I blushed a little (though he didn't seem to notice) and we headed inside, it wouldn't hurt if we took a slight detour, right?

Capricorn P.O.V

Me and Aries decided to check the clubs since Sagittarius said she's normally found at places with loud music and loads of people.
"It's to loud!" Aries yelled with her hands covering her ears
"Keep looking!" I shouted back
I grasped her hand and pulled her out of the swarm of people then some guy came up to her.
"Hey, come dance with me, cutie" he says grabbing Aries by the waist
"Get off her!" I yelled at him
"Capricorn, I got this" she said " get your disgusting perverted hand off me before I burn you alive"
He stepped back and got lost in the ground
"That was totally badass" I commented
"Thank you" she smiled "I don't think she's in here"
I nod in agreement and we go outside.

Cancers P.O.V

Great, I got stuck with the newbie werewolf and the baby original!
"I'm not a baby original" complained aquapants
"Sorry, didn't realise I was projecting" I apologise but I didn't mean
"That is so cool.." Leo said
I realised that we should go to the beach, I heard there was a party there, seemed like the best option.
And there in front of us stood my darling younger sister dancing with a bunch of boys
"Libra" I called crossing my arms
"Cancer! Come dance with us, sister" she insisted
"No, I'm meant to be the fun one, this doesn't suit you so your gonna bring your arrogant ass back home before I drag it there myself" I lectured her
She just laughed and sank her teeth in the boy before her
"That's it" I began trying to grab her and go but I was stopped by Aquarius, stupid dick
"Libra, this isn't you" Leo added
"No, this is the real me, you saw the soft, weak one" she denied
"For the love of god, Libra! Stop being an obnoxious pain in the ass and turn that humanity switch back on!" I Demanded losing it for a moment or so, am I this stubborn?
Libra grinned "nah" she got Leo by the arm and bit her wrist as the blood dripped from it
"I wonder what will if I turn a werewolf? Will he die? Let's test that theory" she sniggered
She pushed her wrist into his mouth and forced him to drink then shortly after she snapped his neck causing him to drop to the ground.
"Libra!" Aquarius cried
She was about to get away before a a hand grasped around her neck before she plummeted to the floor
"Wow, you look like your in trouble" mystery man said
Before I could say anything Aquarius spoke up
"Castor" Aquarius fumed
"Hello, brother" he grinned

Hope you liked that chapter! New on coming soon.


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