Ch31. Birthday horrors

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Taurus P.O.V

I was having the most wonderful dream about a giant donut when I got brutally awoken by cancer pouring water on my face
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" She exclaimed
"Why the hell would your pour water on my head?!?" I asked in shock still recovering of what just happened
"Relax taur-taur, I needed to get you up" she added  "Scorpio made choc-chip pancakes"
Which caused me to spring out of bed and devour a big plate of them. After my pancakes I got changed and brushed my teeth to be greeted by Pisces waiting at the door
"Happy birthday!" she smiled
"Thanks" I laughed to see how enthusiastic she was
"We are about to go now" she chirped happily
"Go were?" I asked confused
"It's a surprise" she grinned and then we walked out of the house and into the car~ I was in with Capricorn, cancer and Pisces.

"Your going too slow, Capri-sun! Let me drive, I assure you I can get there much faster without all this dilly-dallying" yelled cancer
"You'll kill us all! Your a living health hazard!" Capricorn yelled back
It's not a car journey without an argument, am I right?.....
"Technically I'm dead" cancer points out, I mean she's not wrong
"Anyway, Sagittarius told me you got a two year drivers suspension" Capricorn claimed
"I'm a vampire, I don't listen to the law and anyway Who the hell cares what Sagittarius, the good witch says?" Cancer asked
"Me" cap replied
Pisces and I just look at each other in pure disappointment in both cancer and Capricorn because they are acting childish and petty if you didn't pick that up~ anyway we finally got to our destination which just so happens to be the fair! What could possibly go wrong? Understatement of the year....

When we all gathered at the front gate of the fair grounds captain Sagittarius over there decided we should all split up in groups but I mean eleven is the most awkward number ever. Nevertheless we all got grouped with whoever the fuck Tari wanted because he da boss and shit and planned to all meet up at the end for the big rollercoaster, yay. The groups were the people we share the car with (Gemini, Libra, Scorpio, Leo and Sagittarius , Aries and Virgo) so me and pie are with the crazy bitch vampire sociopath and the grumpy ass werewolf. Wonderful.... can't wait... I'm bursting from excitement, though at least I have Pisces.
"So, what we going on first?" Pisces asked happily
"Yeah I'll meet you guys in a few, there is a club with my name on it" cancer stated then left us
"Yeah I'm not third wheeling, I'm gonna go join Virgos group" Capricorn added and also left me and Pisces standing there... alone... together...
"So wave swinger?" I began
"I don't know what that is but I'd love to" she smiled up at me, I took her by the hand and I started to pull her along to we're they were.

After a some rides me and Pisces got some delicious donuts drizzled in hot melted chocolate, they were incredible, then I saw cancers smug smirk coming towards us
"Oh no, what did you do?" I questioned her
"Why do you always assume my actions are nefarious?!?" She asked acting hurt "hey! Where's the teen Capriwolf gone?"
I just rolled my eyes as we continue to walk around the fair, out of nowhere I feel this off feeling, like something bad is going to happen and I freeze in my tracks
"Hey, you ok?" Pisces asked concerned
"Fine" I lied and continued to stroll alongside her, not being able to shake the feeling I was having.

It then happened again after half an hour later, my surroundings became fuzzy and my hearing focused on the music in a tent blocking the other sounds out, uncontrollably I walked closer to it, starring at the sign, re-playing the words maze of mirrors in my head and I crept in not knowing the dangers ahead, this is how it all begins, isn't it?- the terror of the maze of mirrors. The whole maze seemed to be empty except the small whispers of my name calling out to me, I had know idea who- or what they were coming from but the seemed to have me in some sort of trance, I blinked my eyes shut hoping to be brought back into some what really but when I did so, I wasn't in the mirror maze anymore... I seemed to be in a stone room and I felt I warm drip on the back of my neck which gave my a bone-chilling feeling, fearing to turn around but I gathered all my strength and did it anyway and to my horror the words do not open the red door written in blood were smeared across the wall oozing down, as I wondered in bewilderment at what that could mean the intense stench of blood overwhelmed me causing me to fall to my knees, glaring up I felt the walls caving in on me- I started to panic, trying to think of a way to get back, suddenly, a cold dead hand grabbed my ankle, not having chance to react my eyes shot open bringing me back to reality surrounded be people, dead people...

Well that took an unexpected turn... sorry for the wait~ again but I have had a lot of things to do, I promise the next chapter will come out much sooner!


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