Ch39. Fight fire with hell fire

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Aries P.O.V

I turn on the camera and huff
"I decided to document what could be the last few days I have" I say to it
"Don't be dramatic, your not dying" Aquarius sighed leaning against the door frame
"Shut up, Aquarius" I told him only gazing at him for a moment or so before looking back at the camera
"As I was saying, I have been held captive by a traitorous, narcissistic lunatic and his crazy ass family" I began "I~"
"Alright, that's enough" Aquarius cuts me off snatching the camera out of my grasp
"Hey!" I yelled "why you being like this what did I do, this isn't fair!"
"Life ain't fair, get over it" he responded crouching down beside me
"I don't believe that" I say softly
"Well I've been around for a long time now" he replied
I couldn't argue with that even though Aquarius is quite a difficult person. What he didn't know is I have a little trick up my sleeve but I don't really like it, Aquarius is my friend and I don't want to hurt him, my thoughts were interrupted by Aquarius's sister Cassiopeia walking in
"Come on, our little witch has cracked the spell" she smiled walking towards me but I couldn't just let them win so I set her hand on fire when she touched me but she just let out a laugh
"Yeah, that may work on your baby vamp friends but we're originals" she smirked ushering me out the room as I try to escape her clutches
"Stop it both of you" Aquarius told us sounding annoyed "wow... when did I turn into castor?"
He then pulled a face "ughhhh, old people"
Says the guy whose 2000 years old...
"Chill, baby bro" she replied
I then Burnt her hand again and she grunted due to the pain
"I ought to teach you a lesson" she warned then suddenly sunk her fangs into my neck as I felt her drain the blood from me, Aquarius quickly came over to break it up but before he could Cassiopeia stopped then started coughing up blood~ a navy blue colour before setting of fire...

Hell fire

"CASSIE!" Cried Aquarius as he tried to help his sister but I stopped him by shoving the small silver dagger I found under the bed into his chest, tears streamed down his face as he gradually desiccated
"I'm so sorry but I can't let you aid the family that will kill hundreds of innocent people that get caught in the crossfire" I apologised

Before the originals realise their sister,  that is now dead isn't coming back I need to get out of here with Aquarius so I do the only thing I can... burn the place down to the ground.

When I set the mansion on fire I grab the coffin I put Aquarius in and run out the house, I made a protective fire force field around us so we don't get slowed down. I jumped into the van after putting the sleeping original into the back and I head home.
"Aries! Are you ok!" Gemini came rushing out the house when we pulled up
"Yeah, I just killed an original then set the whole place on fire" I say frazzled not believing my own words "I'm gonna go lie down now.... make sure to remove Aquarius from the back"
I walk into the house unsteady, digging through the cupboard for a bandaid  to put on my neck after doing so I run into my bed room and go straight to the bathroom.

Holy shit, I'm a murderer

I began to freak out, I turn the tap on and slash water over my face though I didn't stop me from collapsing onto to the floor in a fit of sobs. As I lay there on the floor, curled in a little ball the dreaded thought came rushing through my head before drifting of to sleep...

Cassie's dead 🥺
And that's the last time will shall see Aquarius in this book which means In a few more chapters it shall be finished but don't worry I'm doing a sequel. I have scoped it all out and decided my ending I just need to know who are your top three characters you want but you can't choose Taurus, Pisces, Aries or Aquarius I have plans for them that help the plot... it will all make sense when I finish.

Anyway hope you enjoyed this chapter


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