Ch8.Pisces joins the team

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Pisces P.O.V

Humans are so odd, sometimes I fall over my own two legs.
I am enjoying school surprisingly many students hate it but this is all so new to me.
I have become good friends with Gemini, Libra and especially Virgo because we have more in common and gem and lib are so secretive, what are they hiding? I have taken a interest in Taurus, there is just something about him that draws me in..... sounds lame, huh.

I got my lunch and sat at our table, since Gemini has the status of queen bee so everyone always tried to slide in next to us. I'm normally homeschooled with private tutors so I never understood the importance of hierarchy.
the usual sat down Gemini, Libra, Virgo, Leo-we were still waiting for Capricorn
I then felt a certain purple plant... vervain. Us mermaids can feel these things
I glanced at Leo's wrist and then at Virgos necklace
"Where did you get that necklace v?" I asked her
"Present from Gemini and Libra, why?"she answered
"It's pretty" I say back "plant based too"
Libra cocked an eyebrow
"And how can you tell that?" She questioned me
"You could say I'm interested in plants" I claimed "why vervain?"
"Well I had loads of these from my grandparents but I'm allergic" Libra said
I got extremely suspicious, is Libra a vampire? And Gemini too.
I was about to open my mouth to continue but Capricorn and a very annoyed Taurus came up to us stopping my little interrogation.
"Capricious, me and Libra need to talk-now" Gemini urged
And then they took off, from the corner of my eye I saw Leo bend his spoon and Virgo look to the ground sadly. If only I had super hearing, my powers come from my voice without it I'm powerless. Then it hit me I'll slip vervain in their waters to find out!
"Hey what are you doing?" Leo asked me confused
"Ummm I had these new flavours, I just want to see if they work" I lied I'm glad my father gave me vervain and wolfsbane. They came back putting my plan into action. Gemini was the first to drink and nothing happened nothing at all she's not a vampire, then Capricorn he spat it all out but there was no sign that it hurt him
"Ugh that is vile!" He cried
Then Taurus drank it to see if it was all that bad
"There is nothing wrong with it, it's just water" Taurus remarked
Libra giggled and took a sip of water, she gagged on it her whole face Burt and became all blistery
"Aghhh" she let out
"Oh my god Pisces, what did you put in her drink?!?!" Leo shrieked
Then her body healed it's self the vervain had left
"How the-?" Virgo asked surprised
"Forget everything you just saw" Libra said to Virgo, Leo and Taurus, the people around us weren't listening luckily

Then Capricorn dragged me by my wrists into the store cupboard and locked me, Libra, Gemini and himself in the room
"Alright, what do you know" he stated
"I don't know what your talking about" I lied again this is becoming quite frequent
"Don't act all innocent, you put vervain in mine and caps drink" Libra interrogated me
"Ok, ok I know your a vampire and Capricorn's a werewolf and Gemini isn't anything that I know of" I answered back
"Are you a hunter?" Libra asked
"No, I'm a ... mermaid" I hesitated
"Wait- mermaids are real?" Gemini commented
"Yes but what are you or are you just a human who found out" I said confused
"Oh I'm a doppelgänger, my bloods important and there are like other versions of myself" she explained
"Ok...." I muttered under my breath "can I go now?"
"No, you know about us so now your on the team" Libra protested
"Really!" I said excitedly, I truly now believe that I belong somewhere among these people.

Aquarius P.O.V

These people are nuts! There are vampires, warlocks, werewolfs, doppelgängers, demigods.... AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THIS IS CRAZY!?!?!? Well, I suppose we're aliens to them as they are to us.
I walked out of the guest room I share with Scorpio and into the kitchen cooking, honestly he's pretty great at it
"Whatcha making?" I asked
"Chilli-fries" I said not looking at me
"Chilli-fries?" I repeated
Then Aries came down dancing in her denim shorts with her headphones on.
"Hello to you aqua, good evening scorpi" Aries chirped
"Don't call me that" Scorpio groaned
"Whatever" she mumbled bitterly
Then Libra, Capricorn, Gemini and some.. girl? got home from school
"Hello people who are sleeping in my house and eating all my food" Libra exclaimed
"This is Pisces!.......the mermaid" announced Gemini
"Mermaids are real?" I stated confusedly
"Yes for a matter of fact they are, their tears are essential for a memory potion" Sagittarius interrupted coming from the living room " of course they have to be genuine"

We were all in the living room.
"So Pisces, this is Sagittarius the warlock, Scorpio the demigod , Aries the princess from another planet and Aquarius a knight from the same planet as Aries" Libra told her
"Are you serious? Another one!" A voice from behind said
"Hello, cancer" Libra huffed
"Hello sister, right I want you out my house! Chip chop" cancer urged
"And where do you suppose we go, oh great and wise cancer" Scorpio said sarcastically
"Ah my darling Scorpio, I'm glad you asked, I have bought you guys a mansion.... although your welcome to stay here, the others can piss off" she smirked
"Wait, you bought us a mansion? You?" Sagittarius added in disbelief
"Ok, ok so I compelled you it, what's the difference?" Cancer asked
"This is good, I don't have to listen to your snarky, narcissistic comments anymore" enlightened her
"Ugh, aquapants, What's got you so grumpy?" She mocked
"I can't I have my brother to think of" Gemini said
"Well I mean I could kill him~" cancer began
"We're not killing Leo" Libra demanded
"Ooooo, has my baby sister got a boyyyyfrrrrieeeennnnndddd" cancer teased

Libra just rolled her eyes, I don't know how She put up with cancer for a century, she's a bloody pain but I think the whole mansion thing is a great idea and not just because Scorpio sleep-talks. Well I guess we have a new member now and a new living quarters.

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