Ch14. Blast from the past

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( storytelling by Sagittarius)

England, 1871

It was a beautiful summers day, me and my friend Scorpio we're playing football when ophiuchus walked out, me and Scorpio had an apprenticeship with him. I was a old witch but it had nothing on ophiuchus, he was as old as time~ an original vampire. We had just discovered that Scorpio was a demigod and all trusted in each other about our secrets
"Sagittarius, Scorpio, come here I want to tell you something" ophiuchus smiled "we are gonna welcome two sisters from the Spain"
"They better be hot!" Scorpio smirked


"I did not say that!" Scorpio sulked
"Shut up, that's how I remember it" Sagittarius said

"Well, they better not be hotter than me" Orion smiled, she was like no girl I'd ever seen, her beauty amazed me. The way her curly hair fell neatly over her shoulder, her lush lips and the way she elegantly walked in a dress.
"Orion!" I said gleefully wrapping my arms around her, spinning her through the air as she giggled
"Dear cousin, we are in the middle of a discussion" ophiuchus said rolling his eyes
"Oh, ophi, can't have any fun can you" she teased
There was a gentle knock on the door and the maids invited the girls in, one 18 the other 16
"Good evening, I'm cancer and this is my younger sister Libra" cancer said "we are very grateful for you welcoming us into your home"
We gently kissed their hands and prepared a ball in there honour.

The ball is we're we became close friends, me and ophiuchus were greeting the guests were and Scorpio was flirting with every young lady at the ball.

"Your making me sound like a gold digger" Scorpio argued
"But you were" Sagittarius answered back
"That was until he saw cancer that night" Libra butted into there argument  "I'll take it from here"
{story telling by Libra}

Me and cancer had never been anywhere as grand as this. The expensive clothing and jewellery it was all wonderful! But at that point we had no idea what we we're getting ourselves into....

Orion was showing us around and getting us ready for the ball along with the maids
"Oooooo, cancer this would look lovely in your hair!" Orion said gleefully while picking up a pearly hair pin
"Thanks" cancer smiled as Orion popped it into her hair
The maids curled our jet black hair and-

"Black hair? Your hair is pink" Leo interrupted
"It wasn't always, blame the pink on Sagittarius" she huffed
"Yeah I'm sorry about that..." Sagittarius laughed nervously "spell gone wrong...."

Anyway as the three of us walked down the stairs, everyone began dancing cancer immediately flung herself onto Scorpio and Orion gracefully glided over to Sagittarius. I being naturally shy decided to walk over to the side lines to get a drink then a warm, soft hand put itself into mine, I turned around to see ophiuchus smiling down at me
"I don't dance" I nervously mumbled
"Come on, everybody dances" he smirked, god he was such a charmer, that narcissistic bastard, when we danced I felt everyone and everything slowly fade away and I couldn't stop gazing into his emerald eyes. That was the night we're I first fell for him...


"God I hate him so much!" Cancer shouted angrily while smashing a chair against the wall as it broke into a bunch of tiny pieces
"This story is wonderful and all but why do you hate him so much and why is he dangerous" Capricorn asks
"Ok we'll get to the main part" Libra says

After about 2 months I started to date ophiuchus which I might add was one of the biggest mistakes of my incredibly long life and cancer and Scorpio started dating too. Me and cancer later found out what they were, at first we were shocked, scared and confused but we later loved and excepted what they were. Me being the foolish child that I was back then, thought mine and ophiuchus love was true love, ugh god I was stupid..... and I begged him to change me. That night him slipped into my bed chamber-

"Spare me the details" Leo pleaded
Fast forward to the morning, I woke up with the insatiable hunger to feed. I opened my eyes to see ophiuchus missing and my blood on the pillow. I headed downstairs and found him snacking on one of the servants
"Hello my dear" ophiuchus chirped happily "want a taste"
I immediately began feasting on the servant, I felt the rush going through my body, I loved it and I couldn't stop, no matter how hard I or anyone tried I just couldn't. I ended killing all of the staff and all the men doing business with ophiuchus, every single human in that house I killed.... including my own sister....
"Ah, yes the tragic story of how I died and lost my boyfriend all thanks to my impulsive sister and her psychopathic ex boyfriend" cancer mocked "I tell what happened now"
{storytelling by cancer}

Yes, as my little sister was saying she drained me from my blood not knowing I had Orions blood in my system after sparring incident curtesy of Sagittarius.

"Yeah.... I wasn't very... well-minded? Back then" Sagittarius said in disappointment

So when I had awoken and drank some blood which I immediately had control of because I'm amazing.... anyway I went to go talk to Scorpio to tell him what had happened but I caught him with Orion who had put her head on his shoulder and linked hands

"Yes, she was sad and I comforted her which all friends do which you would of realised if it wasn't for your CRAZY JEALOUSY! it doesn't give you the right, to you know, CHEAT ON ME" Scorpio argued

I came in crying and found ophiuchus in the library.
"Where's Libra and Sagittarius" I asked while brushing the tears from my eyes
"Packing we are leaving, we're going up north" he answered
We kinda ended up sleeping together but now that I think of it I can't really recall how it happened.
Scorpio caught us and explained to me what really happened, I felt awful about it and to this day it is still my greatest regret.

{storytelling by Sagittarius....again}

We were all about to leave for up north but then the supernatural hunters came, preferably vampire hunters. I took Orion by the hand and locked us in a room, Orion never liked killing anyone, she was so pure, even for a vampire~an original vampire but the hunter found us and shot me in the leg so I couldn't move then he staked Orion in the chest. I remember crying/screaming as I held her dead- real dead body in my arms I hated it but I needed to get out of their so I took a bit of her blood so I was healed. I ended up murdering the rest of the hunters and when ophiuchus found out about his cousin, oh and Libra dumping his ass after him sleeping with cancer, he ended up killing Libras and cancers parents and went crazy so Scorpio banished him in a cave to desecrate. Scorpio got called back up by the gods, cancer went her separate way and me and Libra ran away to France for a few years.

"Wow, how awful" Gemini finally spoke after the awkward silence "so he's back.. for revenge?"
"I don't know.." Scorpio answered "I knew I should of killed him!"
"Anyway whatever happens, we'll be ready" Sagittarius said

Hope you liked it! Sorry about the wait but I've been busy.


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