Ch12. On the run

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Sagittarius P.O.V

Life is great! Gemini has officially become my girlfriend, no danger has officially come...yet, cancer hasn't drank all the wine in the cellar, Leo and Libra aren't dating ... and no I don't have a crush on her! I released that never did it was just sibling/ friendship love but  it doesn't change the fact that I am extremely protective over her and the thought of Leo make me want to rip of his head.

I walked down stairs to see My beautiful Gemini... cooking?
"Love, what on earth are you doing?" I ask her seriously
"I'm cooking!" She chirped happily
"Where's Scorpio? He's a natural at this sort of thing" I say
"Oh he had to go... actually I don't even know" she answers "so I decided to do it!"
I looked at her to see if she was serious and frowned when I found at she was
"No, your not doing that~ I for one would like to keep this house from cremation so come on let's go get doughnuts" I announced while talking her by the hand and leading her out of the door

Once we got back I found Aries, Libra and Pisces playing board games and Capricorn and Leo fighting over a coffee mug.
"We have brought your salvation!" I exclaimed walking into the kitchen with a bag of doughnuts in my hand and Gemini's hand in the other, they all scrambled to their feet snatching the doughnut(s) they wanted.. well except Libra who was excused to go hunting.
Then I noticed a certain grumpy alien no where to be found
"Hey, where's Aquarius?" I asked Aries who was scoffing down a glazed donut
"Oh, he went with Scorpio" she replied "I think cancer snuck into the car as well"
"Yep, sounds like cancer" I agree with her
For the rest of the day it was perfect!

Meanwhile with Scorpio, cancer and Aquarius

Aquarius P.O.V

"So Scorp, why did you drag me from my bed?" I began
"No time to explain! We have to hide" he told me
Then we heard a groan in the back of the car and a silent "shit!"
"What the hell?" I say as Scorpio stops the car, we check the back to find cancer squashed in the boot
"Hey guys didn't see you there" she says
"Cancer!?!?" Scorpio yelled "you know what, I'm not even surprised"
She follows us into the main part of the car and jumps into the back seats
"Can we stop for McDonald's?" She asks as we go on the road again
"You can shut up, your not even meant to be here" Scorpio cried annoyed
"Darling, we all no I'm better company than aquapants" she claimed
I'm plenty of company!

As an hour past, cancer ended up in the passenger seat and I was spread out in the back. It's torture being stuck with these lot they
Won't stop arguing like a married couple!
"where are we going?" Cancer asked him
"Doesn't matter" he stated
To be honest, I'm just as curious as cancer- like where is he taking us?
Out of nowhere, three cars came chasing after us
"Shit! They found me!" Scorpio exclaimed
"What are you talking about?!?" Cancer said
"Their the knights aren't they" I say
"Yeah..." he confirms
"Why would guards want to chase you?!?" She added
"You haven't told her?" I grinned as Scorpio took a sharp turn
"Tell me what!" She pouted
"Scorpios a princeeee" I sang
"Aquarius!" He shrieked
"WHAT! all this time you never told me!" She moaned then her face dropped " I could of been royalty"
"I only told Sagittarius and Orion.... oh, and the guy you cheated on me with!" He admitted
"I said I was sorry!" She argued "I thought you cheated on me! Then he manipulated me with my sadness!"
"Well you still did it!" He yelled back "and you knew he was dating Libra!"
Their was a long pause,
"That was intense..." I say breaking the silence
"Not the time..." he answered back

We had more things to worry about, though. The guys who were chasing us were just behind us
"Give us the prince!" One of them yelled through a microphone
"PISS OFF, YOU DUMB DICKHEADS!!!" Scorpio shouted out of the window
"I can fly out and distract them, if you want" I offered
"Wait- you can fly?" Cancer mumbled
"Thanks aqua" he said as I flew out the car, I missed flying so much! I haven't done it since I came to earth
"Yoo hoo" I smiled while chucking pinecones and sticks at their cars, I even made one crash into the forest then I swooshed back into the car
"Nice job aqua!" Scorpio commented

"Right my turn!" Cancer squealed
"Cancer you can't kill them!" I began
"Relax, aquapants, there immortal! I will merely stun them and presides their blood will make me stronger!" She claimed
Then she used her vamp-speed out of the car and came back moments later wiping the blood off the corner of her mouth.
"Delicious!" She exclaimed happily
"Thanks" Scorpio said coldly, I think he's warming up to her! Some how....
"Anything for you, my darling" she smiled, I've never seen this side of cancer before... I truly believe that she loves him.

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